Monday, December 21, 2009

WARDANCE "You're So Right/Psyche" 7"

I had this 7" lying in my drawer for ages being played maybe three times alltogether. It's not that it's bad, it's kind of Bad Brains(ish) hardcore (first track) and dub/reggae (the second track), but it's just one of those records that was always skipped when browsing through the lot. I guess you have some of those at your place too.
The band was from Peterborough, UK, the home of The Destructors, English Dogs, The Desecrators... I had no luck with finding more info about the band on the net except that they "recorded two albums & numerous singles & extensively toured Europe & north America in the mid 90’s". On the record inlay I've found that one of the albums' name is "We're All Niggas..... But Not Your Boys" and for a bit of name dropping: the drummer Spikey T. Smith played with the likes of Sacrilege, English Dogs, Morrissey, The Damned, Conflict, The T4 Project, The More I See to name just a few...
If someone has more info, please leave a comment because there's really no info about them anywhere.

Released: 1995
Label: Kollusion Records
Size: 22 MB

01. You're So Right
02. Psyche


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Masskontroll/Heartline split 7"

Masskontroll as you know were Punks from Portland who thought that they're Swedes with Japanese parents and Heartline were I guess sure that they're from Czech Republic so they are screaming their side of this split in their native tongue. But all this bullshit doesn't matter. What matters is that this is nice piece of crust muzak and you should get it.

Released: 1994
Label: Malarie Records
Size: 27 MB

01. Masskontroll - Carrion
02. Masskontroll - Work Is Horrendous
03. Heartline - Volnost
04. Heartline - Poblij Systém!
05. Heartline - Stagnuj!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arxi Tou Telous "Thorivos"

After doing the B-day post with re-ups, the first music post (Siebensünden "En Kula Till Tröst" LP) made me think of ripping and posting Warcollapse's "Crust As Fuck Existence", but two mails that I got made me not to do it and happy because of it. The first mail was from Jalle of Siebensünden/Warcollapse/PAS-83 Productions saying that "Crust As Fuck Existence" is repressed on vinyl and is available from Insane Society - or from PAS-83 if you are from Sweden. So, if you don't have this classic - what are you waiting for?
The other mail was from Kostas of Arxi Tou Telous and as promised four posts ago, he sent me their new album titled "Thorivos" ("Noise" in english). You can read more about the band in their last post. I should listen this album one or two more times to give it a fair review and I'm already posting this after first listening, so there's nothing special to say at the moment than if you enjoy noise/post punk music - you should get this.
I don't know about you, but I really like these guys.
It seems that you are getting your dose of gloomy music after all. Enjoy.

Released: 2009
Label: DIY
Size: 67 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Mesaionas (Dark Age)
02. Tuflos Sti Gaza (Eyeless In Gaza)
03. Ksespasma Misous (Burst Of Hate)
04. Arxi Tou Telous (Beginning Of The End)
05. H Gh Akoma Gurizei (Earth Still Turns Around)
06. Ksana Se Seira (Once In The Line Again)
07. To Xroma Tou Prosopou (Colour Of The Face)
08. Oloi Se Kuklo (Everyone In Circle)


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chaos U.K./Raw Noise "Making A Killing"

Four posts later it's Chaos U.K. again, only this time the reason is the band on the split side. I haven't listened to Raw noise in quite some time and since I've ripped the CD for my car I'm putting this here too.
In 1986 Chaos U.K. released excellent "Radioactive/Earslaughter" split LP with Extreme Noise Terror and this is their split with Raw Noise who were (together with Victims Of War) the base for making Extreme Noise Terror. This is their second release after the debut 7". They haven't recorded much during their existence and they had one more LP and an EP which was released this year, but I still didn't have the chance to hear it. They also say on their MySpace that they're recording new LP so be warned...
Not to bore you anymore, I'll just say this record is the part of the history and you're not punk if you don't have this. There.

Released: 1992
Label: Vinyl Japan
Size: 70 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Chaos U.K. - Police Story
02. Chaos U.K. - C.Rap
03. Chaos U.K. - Society
04. Chaos U.K. - Ain't Got A Clue
05. Chaos U.K. - Through With You
06. Chaos U.K. - Speed
07. Raw Noise - Making A Killing
08. Raw Noise - Waste Of Life pt2
09. Raw Noise - Legal Murder
10. Raw Noise - Communication Breakdown
11. Raw Noise - Stench Of Death (Metal)
12. Raw Noise - Ratfink
13. Raw Noise - Brighter Than 1,000 Suns


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

B-day post

There it is. Today is two years since I started this blog and I cannot believe that it's still here. It seems that everything I start to do keeps my attention for just a couple of months (at best). As more frequent visitors (if there are still any) may notice, uploads have become fewer, but that's better than nothing I guess.
Anyway, to sum up those two years in short, I've put here the links for 10 most downloaded records in descending order. This order may not be totally correct since I was uploading my files before on two sites which have proven to be utter pile and caused nothing but problems. I guess that Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys "Shut Up And Drink" LP would be on top as most downloaded (especially since there's link to the post on their MySpace), but the stats from these sites are gone forever.
Also I've re-upped all the rest of old posts with dead links since there are some of my faves there and people are always hungry for more. If you find that I've missed re-upping some post please let me know.
OK, here's the Top 10 Röckin' Nöizes:

Antisect "In Darkness, There Is No Choice"
Kuro "Who The Helpless" 7"
G.I.S.M. "Bootleg Discography"
Patareni "Back To The Roots" LP
Eyehategod "Southern Discomfort"
Pizda Materna "s/t" 12"
Impact "82-85" LP
Dogma Mundista "Destiny Or Greed" LP
The Varukers "Nothings Changed" 7"
Riot/Clone "Do You Want Fries With That?" LP

and here are the Rë-üps:

Siebensünden "En Kula Till Tröst" LP
Pankrti "Dolgcajt"
U.B.R. "Harmonija (1983-85)"
Sacrilege "Behind The Realms Of Madness"
The Rocking Dildos "Horny Hit Parade"
The Rocking Dildos "On Speed"
Sedition "End In The Beginning Beginning in The End"
Contropotere "Solo Selvaggi" 7"
Contropotere "Il Seme Della Devianza" LP
Tromatism "Je Ne Veux Plus Avoir Mal" 7"
Maggot Slayer Overdrive "The Angry Buzzing Of A Million Flies" 7"
Inzest "Another Religion..... Another Violence" flexi 7"
A38 s/t 7"
Acid Rain Dance "Melting Resistance" 12"
Dawn Of Liberty "In Honour And Defence Of Mother Earth. To Hurt Her Is To Hurt Us" 7"
Terminus "News From Nowhere" 7"
d'Rotzbouwen "Aspirine" 10"
Stalingrad s/t picture 7"
VA "The Boredom And The Bullshit" 7"
SexA "Pussy In The Sky With Diamonds" 7"
No Choice "Sadist Dream" 7"

Enjoy and see you again in a while.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time To Think "Where The Hell Is Andrew?" 7"

Today, while I was reading post about Academy 23 LP on always brilliant Kill Your Pet Puppy website, this single was mentioned. I don't remember who I got it from, but I believe it was Pete Williams who ran the record label and played drums in the band (and later Academy 23 too). The reason why I got it I don't remember, but it should be somewhere in my boxes with old letters at my fathers place. Nevertheless, thanks to the sender since I liked the EP and listened to it a lot. The band on this recording is comprised of before mentioned Pete, Andrew Ross (from the title of the record) and Andy Martin from The Apostles / Academy 23 / Unit fame. Some other people were involved in the band too, just not on this recording. They also have a website that was last updated on 11/11/01, but is really very informative on the band, label, releases and pretty much everything you'd want to know about the people involved.
Music-wise, this is classic anarcho hardcore punk of the 90s recorded at the budget on 4-track recorder. The 7" comes in a gatefold sleeve and inside you can find posters, two essays, lyrics, blurbs... You name it - it has it. (Man, I could go into advertising industry).
Give this a go and I'm sure you'll like it too.

Released: 1992
Label: Thinking Time Records
Size: 29 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01 - Sean Was Here
02 - Gay Plague
03 - Cowards!
04 - c(Δλ/λ)
05 - A Bunch Of Cults
06 - Blipvert
07 - Mason
08 - The Death Of Muzs' Cassette Machine
09 - New Order


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arxi Tou Telous "Live Sto Polytexneio"

Since I've been quite lazy lately it's great to get a contribution for the blog, so thanx to Kostas for contacting me with the stuff from his band Arxi Tou Telous. They hail from Athens, Greece and the members are Giannis (vocals), Kostas (guitar), Panos (bass) and Vaggelis (drums).
There's rarely any new stuff here, but this one is recorded just one month ago. What Kostas sent me is this live recording of their gig from the technological university of Athens which was held on 16/9 where they shared the stage with Witch Hunt, Hibernation and No Way Out. As I've already mentioned a couple of posts ago, I'm not much of a fan of live recordings, but this one is quite well recorded and gives good insight in bands' sound. The music is that gloomy dark hardcore post punk in that good old way only greeks do it. This is first release on their own B24 label/distro. They mostly do tapes and have already published three more releases with noise / no wave / experimental bands from Greece. They could wind up here too and if they are as good as this release you should definitely check it out.
You can contact the band here: or through their MySpace.
Here's what they wrote about themselves:
Arxi tou telous means "the beginning of the end", we've chosen that name because we wanted a way to explain our theory about life, we believe that a circle,in which every single spot is the beginning and the end at the same time, represents the way in which people grow up and die (giving their place to other people etc.) - (life giving her place to death). It was about 9 years ago when we decided to write some of our own songs. All keen admirers of hard, experimental and atmospheric sounds, we can say that especially new wave- no wave bands from the 80's inspired us the most. As the Years passing we are steping forward in order to find how long is our musically journey. We like trying new ways of creating dark punk songs, basically by finding atmospheric doomed riffs "married" to new wave - punk bass lines. Our lyrics, mostly written by Giannis, are social-political and have to do with subjects such as racism, human relationships, feelings etc. Our first album under the title “Noise” will be released the next months.

Released: 2009
Label: B24
Size: 39 MB

01. Youth / Tuflos Sti Gaza (Youth / Eyeless In Gaza)
02. To Xroma Tou Prosopou (Colour Of The Face)
03. Upokoultoura (Subculture (Adiexodo Cover ))


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VA "Grito Suburbano" LP

I guess that everybody knows this record, but for those few of you that don't - this compilation is probably the most important punk record from Brasil. It was originally released in 1982 on Punk Rock Discos, but my record is 1994 re-release by New Face Records. The bands featured are Olho Seco, Inocentes and Cólera and you know what to expect when all 12 songs last just under 20 minutes.
Here's some info about Grito Suburbano from Inocentes KFTH page:
During 1981, local punks (including members of the band) started organizing the legendary "Grito Suburbano" ("Suburban Screams") shows that took place all around the city and encouraged many kids to get into punk and start their own bands. Late in that same year, they recorded the compilation of the same name with Cólera and Olho Seco (another band, called Anarcolatras, was also supposed to be on the compilation, but ended up not taking part), but the result was so bad that all the bands had to record it all over again and the record (the first punk LP in Brazil) only came out in early '82.

Released: 1994
Label: New Face Records
Size: 48 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Olho Seco: Desespero
02. Olho Seco: Sinto
03. Inocentes: Garotos Do Subúrbio
04. Inocentes: Medo De Morrer
05. Cólera: João
06. Cólera: Gritar
07. Olho Seco: Lutar Matar
08. Olho Seco: Eu Não Sei
09. Inocentes: Pânico Em S.P.
10. Inocentes: Morte Nuclear
11. Cólera: Subúrbio Geral
12. Cólera: Hhei


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Assfort/Chaos U.K. "The Dangerous Study" split 12" EP

Here I am at last. Summer lazyness is still in effect even though it's not so hot anymore. I finally made myself posting again. Sorry to those of you who waited for your comments to be published, but I forgot that I've enabled comment moderation due to heavy spamming from one fucking annoying blogger. I usually don't like this comment moderation stuff, but I was really starting to get pissed off and I don't want the fucker here anymore.
OK. Now... This time it's split of Japcore and UK punk legends. Each band delivers two songs and they rip all the way. Assfort are tight as usual and I guess that this is my favourite Chaos U.K. record and even though it's only two songs they are true dirty Röckin Nöiz just the way I like it. I guess that this EP is out of print and I just cannot find Vinyl Japan website. Also you can get Chaos U.K. songs on "Kings For A Day - The Vinyl Japan Years" on Anagram.
The sound level on this rip is quite off the scale because I cannot adjust volume on my USB phono pre-amp thingy (which sucks). But this is supposed to be cranked up all the fukken way up. If you don't already have this you mustn't miss it! Now go!

Released: 2001
Label: Vinyl Japan
Size: 21 MB

01. Assfort - Egoist Guidance
02. Assfort - Fairyland And Nonchalant
03. Chaos U.K. - Gone And Forgotten/Killa On Da Loose


Monday, August 3, 2009

Brigade O.D./Pizda Materna split LP

This picture LP will be something like the end of live trilogy of posts. Actually, only Brigade O.D. side and Pizda Materna's last song are live recordings.
Anyway, Brigade O.D. are from Skopje, Macedonia and they play really great raw metallic crust with gruff vocals. Let's say something in Hiatus vein which equals excellent, right? All of you who don't like live recordings don't be put off by that fact because this was recorded in MKNŽ club in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia and there was always great sound there and a lot of bands released their live stuff from their shows in there. Doom's "Pissed, Robbed And Twatted" 7" and Schwartzeneggar's "Live In Slovenia" 7" come to mind.
Pizda Materna are from Slovenia and they play somewhat slower and psyched crusty punk. Here they offer three studio tracks and the last one is live (also from MKNŽ club) called Karaoke Punk and basically it's Exploited's "Sex & Violence" sung by some croatian punk as "Šeks and Valentić" (croatian politicians).
You can find more about Pizda Materna's music output in their last post, and I don't know much about Brigade O.D.'s releases except the track on Preko Zidova Nacionalizama I Rata comp. 7" and Smash The Army Before They Smash You! tape. I remember meeting singer Darko
with his wife and kids on Monte Paradiso festival in Pula just before he went to London and I believe that was the end of the band. I hope I'm wrong.
This was co-op release of 4 Italian and one of Croatian, French, Slovenian and Japanese labels. I think this was released in 1999, but it could be 2000 too. I'm not sure. There's also Brigade O.D./Pizda Materna split 7" that I've never seen with different songs than on LP released on Calavera from France.

Released: 1999
Label: ZAS Autoproduzioni
Size: 70 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Brigade O.D. - No Control
02. Brigade O.D. - Live Your Life
03. Brigade O.D. - No More
04. Brigade O.D. - Real Dull
05. Brigade O.D. - What's Wrong With You
06. Brigade O.D. - Better World
07. Brigade O.D. - That Girl
08. Brigade O.D. - Double Play
09. Brigade O.D. - Intense
10. Pizda Materna - Izgubljeno Življenje
11. Pizda Materna - Skok V Prazno
12. Pizda Materna - Usoda Človeštva
13. Pizda Materna - Karaoke Punk


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doom "Live In Japan" 7"

I can't believe that this is my first Doom post as I guess that they'd be my first post if all this this blogging thing existed some 15 years ago during my Doom craze (I guess that there are a lot more people reading this that caught the same).
Anyway, after posting live LP yestarday I remembered one live record that I used to listen quite a lot. This is recording from their gig in "Antiknock" in Tokyo that happened on 29/4/1992. First pressing had black and blue cover and second had black and white ones.
The record that starts off with Black Sabbath song gets my attention alright. Now I'll go and listen to it again and so should you.

Released: 1992
Label: Ecocentric Records
Size: 31 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Symptom Of The Universe / Life Lock
02. Slave To Convention
03. Worthless Nothing
04. Exploitation
05. Black Monday
06. A Dream To Come True
07. Days Go By


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VA "Egg-Mangel" LP

Since I'll be watching gigs on the coast really soon, I thought that live LP post should fit just fine. I'm not such a big fan of live records, but this one is really good. Summer lazyness has really kicked in, so this post is it's product. I've split the records in five pieces - one per band because I coldn't be arsed to split them into tracks and haven't even tried to write anything, so I just OCRd text by Jan of Your Own Jailer Records who made this record (and the gig). Here it goes:
It was a very hot summerday the 15th of June 1986 when the people dressed in black came strolling across the fields towards my home, which also were the place for the gig, the Eggeby Farm. Some were extremely warm in their crust attributes; leather jackets, leather pants and boots. And so the general mood was more apathetic than usual, it was so fucking hot. There wasn't particularly many people seen in this position which were rather unexpected since that was still usual back in those days. Everyone knew that it was a drugfree gig, since we had written that on the postes, so many people thought it was no idea going to the show if they couldn't drink. Not even the free admission could make people think about the music instead of the booze. I had been given a large sum of money, measured in punk standards, 5000 SEK for the sound system and 5000 SEK for bandcosts.
The whole thing was recorded on two channels through the mixing console on ordinary cassettes. Some of the songs were brand new so I had to write the bands to get all the correct songtitles. One year later it was released as a 98 minute comp. tape, made in about 250 copys.
I still think that the recording has great value because of it's exeptionally good sound qality. Also, some of the songs haven't even been released on vinyl or CD, so I thought that I'd release the shit on a record before the tapes got to demagnetized.
With the aid of a good equalizer, compressor and a good two-channel tape recorder I sat down to edit and master the shit. Through the good tape-compression that is available on analogue taperecorders the sound of some songs went out real good. I edited the whole concert which I now have on 1/4" analogue tapes. I have been cutting very much in the recording to get rid of as much "audience talk" as possible. I've thought this way, how fucking interesting is loads of Swedish talk about the beautiful weather, the drummers ass-sweat and Fredda Holmgren to Mr Kawakami in Japan or Bruno in Belgium? (Ok, some guys in Australia or Dan in Minneapolis might enjoy some Swedish shouts from the audience or talk between the songs, for use in some recording or just to learn some new words for a lyric or something.) I've thought that it is the music that is interesting. Sadly some of the "live feling" got lost after all the cuts (KRUNCH made it themselves by the way, they did not have any pauses between the songs). However, I've tried to put in as much music as possible without affecting the sound quality.
Jan "Jutte" Jutila

Released: 1995
Label: Your Own Jailer Records
Size: 104 MB

See/Hide tracklist

Svart Parad

Nukleärt Hot
Avskaffa Alla Jobb
Samhället & Staten
Det Sista Kriget


Tro Hopp & Kärlek
Jag Är Inte


Tänk På Döden
Från Slakt Till Makt


Rik Skit
Skjut En Baptist
Världskrig III
Jag Hatar Mitt Jobb
Jesus Var En Tomte
Jehovas Vittnen

Raped Teenagers

Sveriges Utveckling
Tomma Ord


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Internal Autonomy "Inquiry" LP

First of all I have to say that this is not my rip and I've put it here because someone said that it is no longer available on Hardcore Braindeath blog (true, and it looks that all the posts from it are unavailable) where I've found it and linked in my last Internal Autonomy post. Since there's not much info on the band on the web and someone asked for this album two weeks ago I've decided to put it here. It'd be a shame for this to be lost for new listeners since peace punk can be so unoriginal and boring and this is not either one. You can find tiny bit more info on the band in the last post and now go get this.
Thanks to Mike of All Go No Slow! for sending the picture of the LP cover.

Released: 1990
Label: Recordrom Records
Size: 64 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Trapped
02. LSD
03. Poor Little Rich Girls
04. The Uprising
05. Breakout
06. On Your Marx
07. Feminine Duty
08. On The Edge
09. The Inquiry
10. Sing Or Swim
11. Celebration
12. Awayday To Auschwitz


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whirling Pig Dervish "Full Feather Lovesuit" 7"

This crackling record is done by Scottish post punk outfit that I don't know much about except few facts that I've managed to google out and that is that their released output beside this 7" is one split tape with dutch band Revenge Of The Carrots and an LP "Three Small One Tall" on Flat Earth Recs. They mention The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans in thanks list so you might assume what their music could sound like. I don't know about you, but I like this a lot. If anybody knows more about this band, please leave a comment.

Released: 1991
Label: Gruff Wit Records
Size: 22 MB

01. A Question Of Sport
02. Fatter Richer And Stupider
03. Whip
04. Erectile Projectile? (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hillbilly Blitzkrieg/Welfare split 7"

Another one from my friends' bag (see last post) and this time it's boozer Shangri-la. First of all, you have to know that we've drank literally gallons of various types of booze over the years that we know each other and when I saw this in a record store in Amsterdam I knew that this wold be great gift for him.
Anyway, what you have here is two punk bands that sing about booze (well - in 5 out of 6 songs), even in a song about killing all the cops. No brainer, but it is a lot of fun. I believe that these bands are made just for fun of it by Tulsa hardcore crew since this 7" was released on Brother Inferior's label and both bands recorded their stuff in NOTA World Headquarters plus on Welfare's "Life Sucks... Stay Drunk" guest vocalist is Jeff Klein of N.O.T.A. fame. If lyrics like "Bitches won't kiss me, but the bottle will" don't offend you you might well enjoy this.

Released: 1996
Label: Sensual Underground Ministries
Size: 29 MB

01. Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Mission Impossible
02. Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Asa'a Motto
03. Hillbilly Blitzkrieg - Tech-Bus Girls
04. Welfare - Life Sucks... Stay Drunk
05. Welfare - The Politics Of Beer
06. Welfare - Kill The Pigs


Monday, June 15, 2009

Katastrofialue "Oikeutettu Viha" LP

This one comes from a plastic bag that's been sitting around my place for about a year. A friend of mine who runs Nečista Savjest blog gave me his records to rip them since he hasn't got turntable anymore. And since I'm so lazy (well, busy sounds better) I somehow managed to forget about them, but that's about to change.
Here you have finnish crust mayhem that needs no description if you are familiar with the sound of finnish hardcore punk. Expect nothing but crazy ride throughout the total of 21 tracks. LP cover says that there's 20 tracks, but thanks to the lyric sheet I've found the name of the last track.
On the web you'll mostly find that it was released by Ecocentric Records from Germany, but it is a co-production with Vacuum Records (USA), Spirale Objective (Australia), Panx (France), K-Baal (Holland) and Dolores Records (Sweden).

Released: 1996
Label: Ecocentric Records
Size: 78 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Vastarinta
02. Tuomioistuin
03. Kapinointia
04. Syy Ja Seuraus
05. Sätkynuken Hermoromahdus
06. Salainen Nautinto
07. Oikeutettu Viha
08. Raivo Mieleni Valtaa
09. Jumalan Hylkäämä Kusipää
10. Joukkolobotomia
11. Hakaristi
12. Hajoa Tai Kuole
13. Järjetön Utopia
14. Valtakunta
15. Kahleet
16. Ruumis Vuokralla
17. Pessimistin Muotokuva
18. Moraalinvartijat
19. Ei Enempää
20. Turha Ihminen
21. Pommitus


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thatcher On Acid "Yo-Yo Man" 7"

This time here's something that's bit more easy listening. The last 7" by these british anarcho punks. This was later re-released as a bonus on a 1998 CD reissue of their Frank LP from 1991.
Here you can find their discography and here you can find fan MySpace page.

Released: 1992
Label: K Records
Size: 26 MB

01. Yo-Yo Man
02. 26 Letters (Jarocin Festival 8/3/91)
03. Grindstone Cowboy


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Disagree/Ungovern-Mental split 7"

I haven't quit this blog if anyone was asking. I just didn't had much time to focus on it lately. I see that my last post doesn't hold the ground since the new mp3 host deleted my account too so the player is once again useless. Please if you have good mp3 host let me know ( just if it isn't or
The other part of reason for not posting is the usual lazyness, and that is also the reason why I'll just copy/paste the description of this single from the Profane Existence site:
Two intense punk bands from the thriving scene of Montreal. Disagree play fast, angry hardcore with dual vocals, incredible bass lines, and lyrics in English and French. Ungovern-Mental play crushing blasts of hardcore and whirlwind thrash.
You can find more info on Ungovern-Mental here.

Released: 1996
Label: Profane Existence
Size: 27 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Disagree - Refuse To Obey
02. Disagree - Class War
03. Disagree - Sans Cesse Oppressor
04. Ungovern-Mental - The End Of Supremacy
05. Ungovern-Mental - Disgust
06. Ungovern-Mental - Nuclear Disaster
07. Ungovern-Mental - Fool's War


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The player (this one on the right) works again

Haven't realised that it's been over half a year since my last mp3 host deleted my account and now I've made a new one on another site that looks exactly the same as the previous one except the for name. I hope that they won't screw me like the previous one. I think it's nice to hear what it's offered first.
Oh, yes. The songs in the player are in lower bitrate so that people with slower connections can have easier time listening to them.
Enjoy, cheers.
P.S. Since Scapegoats drummer dropped a line (such things always mean a lot to me), I've re-uploaded the 7" so you go and get it!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bad Influence "New Age Witch Hunt" LP

It's been over a year since I've posted Bad Influence's "Afterbirth" 10" and I believe that it's about time for another BI post.
Bad Influence come from Belgium and they play their pagan crust punk since 1985. This is their first LP after they released a couple of tapes, but not to bore you, you can find short history and discography here as part of their MySpace page. If you wanna know more I guess they'll love to answer you all the questions you have since I remember that they were really into correspondance with all the people in the snail-mail days.
This LP is released on german label 42 Records as catalog number 42 9 and the same label also released their Wake Up/Unacceptable 7" as cat. no. 42 9.5. Both records are later rereleased on Skuld Records as SKULD 007 and SKULD 007.5.
With some breaks in their work they still play to this day and are currently working on their fourth album "Preaching To The Perverted".

Released: 1992
Label: 42 Records
Size: 80 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Inner Side Of Us
02. Words
03. What Is It
04. My Eyes See
05. Unchained
06. Life Circle
07. Raised Within A Prison/3B
08. Heavy World

download part 1, part 2

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Infekcja "s/t" 7"

After seeing that Infekcja are playing in London with Hiatus, Sedition and Cress in few days I remembered that I have their 7" and don't know how it sounds. When I pulled it out I realised why. I know that the cover matches their name (Infection), but come on... No wonder I was skipping it for so long.
Now that I finally got to play it I realised that I missed quite a few years of listening to Infekcja because their scandi crust really delivers. And the vocalist... really great.
Anyway, they come from Poland and this is their first 7" and if you need another great crust record in your collection this could be just what you're after.

If you'll be somewhere in the neighbourhood
, be sure to check them out on their tour that starts in few days. You can see the dates on their MySpace page. Enjoy.

Released: 1997
Label: Trujaca Fala
Size: 28 MB

01. Ziemia
02. Apolityczność
03. Wegetariański Świat
04. Jeszcze Więcej
05. Módlcie Się


Friday, March 27, 2009

Olho Seco "Os Primeiros Dias" 12"

Olho Seco needs no introduction, but if you don't know who they are you can find a bit of info here.
This record contains their first demo tape recorded in 1981 which means that it predates "Grito Suburbano" compilation and "Botas, Fuzis É Capacetes" 7". There is also different version of this called "Os Primeiros Dias 1981-1983" with two demos, some rehersal, studio and live tracks.
As I've found out, these recordings don't have serious lyrics because they wanted to make one record and then call it a day, so they weren't too concerned with them. I guess that they were just
Cólera's side project then since they share members.
I was lucky enough that I had the chance to watch them live when they reformed and I think that the singer Fabio was the only original member, but I'm not sure, same as I don't know if they're still playing.
Anyway, this is stuff of legends so go and get it.

Released: 1995
Label: New Face Records
Size: 26 MB

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01. Eu Não Sei
02. Castidade
03. Olho De Gato
04. Direitas Já
05. Nada
06. Lutar Matar
07. Falsa Liberdade


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Problems with downloads

If you've tried to download some older stuff from here that's been uploaded on ADrive you couldn't download it due to the fact that ADrive decided to move all my files from shared to private and fuck up all the download statistics in the process which I like to check out so I can see what you peolpe dig most.
Anyway I've moved them all back to shared and if you still have problems just leave a comment and I'll re-up it somewhere else (won't put free ad here he-he).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enough!/Juggling Jugulars split 7"

Since I'm quite occupied (more like obsessed) lately with some other, non-music related stuff, my posts are quite rare and I can't seem to find time for doing this, but for those of you that come here here's little something. I'll be short, so...
This 7" is the result of the 1996 tour that the two bands had. These Juggling Jugulars tracks also appear on their "New Toys" CD. Like always, you can find more info on the web. Now go and enjoy this Polish/Finnish punk feast.

Released: 1997
Label: Trujaca Fala
Size: 36 MB

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01. Enough! - Życie To Tylko Łzy
02. Enough! - Bez Litości
03. Juggling Jugulars - Revenge
04. Juggling Jugulars - Toy Voters
05. Juggling Jugulars - Image
06. Juggling Jugulars - Violence In The New World Order
07. Juggling Jugulars - Suolia Ja Ulosteita


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

URBN DK "Human Indifference" 7"

URBN DK was a hardcore band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. I've discovered them in 90s when their guitarist (if I remember right) contacted me for a reason that I don't actually remember (all my letters from that time are boxed at my fathers place). Anyway, he sent me this 7" and I loved it a lot (high quality patch from it is still on my old camo shorts) plus around the same time I got a tape from his friend and his band Bitchslap who also kicked ass and if I remember right they were supposed to have 7" out soon. I don't believe that I've made an interview with them for a zine that I did at the time which is a shame same as never buying another record of theirs (they had some stuff on Beer City Records that I saw on some ads in zines). Anyway, this 7" is really great hardcore record that ends with really great punk song that sounds like early 80s american punk bands. Excellent!
After the demise of URBN DK some members formed excellent grindcore band Despite.
And for the short history of URBN DK, this is what their MySpace page says:
Way back in 1980, URBN DK was born. They started off as a more punk rock style band being punk and snotty. As time went on URBN DK played out a lot and were a big part of the scene. Then they broke up. Around 1990 Bob (guitarist) got URBN DK back together. This time though his goal was not punk rock but fast blistering HXC. Many line up changes and many releases later, the URBN DK machine was put to rest...or was it?

Released: 1996
Label: Power Ground Records
Size: 25 MB

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01. Initiation
02. Your War
03. Blaag
04. Human Indifference
05. Landshark (Fang cover)
06. Conquer & Divide
07. New God
08. Nowhere


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Endless Struggle: The Worst Of The 1in12 Club vol. 12/13 2xLP

I'm back. I've never had such break since I started this, but I guess I got a bit fed up plus there was some serious drinking to do plus some other real life things, but it was mainly getting offline therapy. Anyway, to make it up, this time I'm bringing double LP with 29 tracks for you to enjoy.
This record comes from the Worst Of The 1in12 Club series of compilation LPs put out by the legendary 1in12 club in Bradford. As far as I know there was just one more released after this one (I hope I'm wrong) and I believe that this was the best one. Beginning with the cover artwork by Simon Gane - the standard punk artist in 90s (lately done the cover for the last Subhumans album), to the bands (check out tracklist!!!) playing all types of punk who contributed mostly previously unreleased stuff. This LP was benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross and the Zapatistas and it contained booklet which unfortunately I haven't got with the LP (such things happened a lot to me). The record has quite a lot of clicks and pops as it was heavily abused on my old fucked up turntable, but if you don't have this you should surely check it out as it is great document of the 90s scene.
P.S. If anyone knows what is the last track please feel free to fill in.

Released: 1995
Label: 1 in 12 Records
Size: 189 MB

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01. Terminus - (In This) Dark Carnival
02. Disaffect - State Worse Than Death
03. Sedition - Disgrace
04. Sedition - Abuse
05. One By One - Prisoner Of Conscience
06. Cluster Bomb Unit - Without A Warning
07. Blitzkrieg - Lest We Forget
08. Sarcasm - Mist Of Confusion
09. Wat Tyler - James Whale
10. Sore Throat - Hurry Up Garry '94
11. Sore Throat - Retribute
12. Oi Polloi - Guilty
13. Voorhees - Fucker
14. Voorhees - Whatever I Do
15. Ironside - Suffocation
16. Nailbomb - My Problems
17. Wordbug - Anywhere But Here
18. Decadence Within - Stitch In Time
19. Contropotere - Attacco Al Visus
20. Doom - (We Hate The) Brew Crew
21. Concrete Sox - Speak Japanese Or Die
22. Scraps - Familiar Patterns
23. Virtual Reality - Stalemate
24. Hiatus - They Really Got Me
25. Protest - Paralysis Through Conformity
26. Beer Beast - Govern Mental System
27. Beer Beast - Ilkley Moor
28. Immortal Dead - Who's In Power
29. unknown - ?????

download part 1, part 2