Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eyehategod "Southern Discomfort"

This is a collection of rarities by sludge masters Eyehategod.
Tracks 1-6 are demos from the "Take As Needed For Pain" era that ended up on "Ruptured Heart Theory" 7" and on the two split 7"s with 13. Tracks 7-9 were preserved on tape during the "Dopesick" sessions. These tracks later appeared on the 2006 Century Media reissues of each album.

Released: 2000
Label: Century Media Records
Size: 96 MB

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01. Ruptured Heart Theory
02. Story Of The Eye
03. Blank/Shoplift
04. Southern Discomfort
05. Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere
06. Lack Of Almost Everything
07. Peace Thru War (Thru Peace And War)
08. Depress
09. Dopesick Jam

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Valentine Michael Smith said...

cool stuff. I snatched this up, thanks to you.