Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pizda Materna "s/t" 12"

Pizda Materna were quite popular crust band here in the 90s. The members of the band were mainly from other slovenian band, Scuffy Dogs (who had more of a punk/ska/reggae thing going on) + female singer Lea and male singer Richard from Gorizia, Italy (who used to sing in Warfare?, run Nuclear Sun Punk records and sings in reformed Eu's Arse). This was supposed to be a 7" record, but due to pressing plant fuck-up it's 11 minutes long 12". They also had split LP with Brigade O.D. from Macedonia and split (live?) tape with Maggot Slayer Overdrive from UK which I don't have, so if someone has it, I'd like to hear it. I guess that's about all I can remember 'bout them. For more info read this Ripping Thrash interview with the female singer.

Released: 1997
Label: Jay-Walk
Size: 26 MB

01. Nič Za Prijavit
02. 30 Sekund
03. Brez Naslova
04. Življenje
05. Logika Profita, Logika Zločina
06. ...


Friday, December 12, 2008

Day By Day "We Need More Than Your Compassion" 7"

This post gave me the idea for posting Day By Day 7" again. Short info on the band is in the previous post. I'm lazy to write anything else than this. Well, except maybe that the previous 7" posted here is better in my opinion (but it doesn't mean that this one is bad).
Still haven't fixed the player problem (if anybody knows reliable mp3 host lemme know), so here's another video of
live performance of a song from this 7".

Released: 199?
Label: self-released
Size: 28 MB

01. Away
02. Du Sollst Nicht Töten
03. Armageddon
04. No Words


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sanctus Iuda/Sarcasm split 7"

I've already posted one Sanctus Iuda split 7" (with Dog On A Rope). This time it's split with UKs Sarcasm, also a result of a tour together. If you're not familiar with the bands, SI played really great crust (one of my favourite polish crust bands in the 90s) with lyrics often aimed against the church and Sarcasm played more noisy (Disorder kinda noisy) hardcore punk. Two of the members are in even more "Disorderish" noisy band now - The Wankys. You should check them out too. SI stuff from this and two more of their split EP's was released as "Jap Pressing: EP's Of Sanctus Iuda" on Profane Existence Far East and I guess you could still track it down on some distros.

Released: 1995
Label: Scream Records
Size: 31 MB

01. Sanctus Iuda - Bertie (Instrumental)/Jezus Kocha Biednych
02. Sanctus Iuda - Radio Ma Ryja
03. Sarcasm - Understand
04. Sarcasm - Learn And Create
05. Sarcasm - Corrupt