Sunday, April 20, 2008

Final Warning "Eyes Of A Child" 7"

Classic 7" by one of the "biggest" US crust bands of the 90s and one of THE records of the decade.
I must admit that I wasn't much into them (just like another seminal 90s band Aus Rotten) back then and I don't know much about them, but I know about one split 7" with Mankind? and an live album.
If someone knows more please add info by commenting.

Released: 1994
Label: Tribal War Records
Size: 21 MB

01. Eyes Of A Child
02. Faith/Rise


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pink Turds In Space "The Complete Pink Turds In Space"

I almost forgot how great Pink Turds In Space were since I haven't listened to them for a few years now. One of the greatest Irish bands ever. And this is their complete works. So... What are you waiting for? Get it.
I'm not sure when this was out, but I guess it was around 1998. I haven't found out anything on the web either.

Released: ????
Label: Rejected Records
Size: 181 MB

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01. Indie Shit
02. Scratch Match
03. No More Secterian Shit
04. Oh No - Beer Frenzy!
05. Beanz Means Drough Bombs
06. Bazil Bastard Mc Ivor
07. Sickle Sell
08. Marijuana Paranoia
09. Apathy Rules
10. It Must Have Been (That Pastie)
11. Like To Be
12. Apartheid Kills
13. Ormeau Rd Spiderman
14. Christians
15. Ulster Says No / Blind Man
16. The Filofax Song
17. Blood Money
18. Eugene's Shop Hop
19. The Really Depressing Song
20. Jerusalem St. Nine
21. Eastenders
22. Dear Mr. Policeman
23. Wallis Cornetto
24. Stop It!
25. Hate You Forever
26. Medical Health
27. Des The Nazi
28. The Baliff
29. Teenage Kicks
30. Reclaim The Land
31. Angry Song
32. Dear Mr. Policeman
33. Jerusalem St. Nine
34. Eastenders
35. Rhonda's Song
36. Waiting To Die
37. 1st Demo (5 Songs)
38. Live In Dublin (6 Songs)

download part 1, part 2

Monday, April 14, 2008

Budellam "Xung Vibrations"

First of all - the cover of the record gave me headache to patch it in photoshop and it ended up the way it is. I could not find better on the web either.
Budellam were
Catalan hardcore punk band from Barcelona and on this LP they offer their sort of melodic hardcore with few rockin parts and lots of tempo changes. When this was out there was quite a lot of good words for this record and they are legends over there as I found out on the web. I never got it why because it never hit the spot to me. Anyway, I gave it a shot again after quite a few years and again - nothing. It has some bright moments but it doesn't keep my attention for too long. Maybe that's because of the average lenght of the track being over 4 minutes.
This time I've recorded it, so this is for people that enjoyed and then lost/sold this record. I'll listen to HHH now to give my speakers a justice Catalan-hardcorepunk-wise.
Some members now play in Afganistan Yeye's that sound much better.

Released: 1993
Label: Macaco Records
Size: 104 MB

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01. El Rei Del Cul Vermell
02. El Gamarús
03. No Vull Ser Ningú
04. Ja No Queda Res
05. Fa Pudor
06. Bon Profit
07. Escolti Senyor Poli
08. Nascut Amb L'Embut
09. La Platja
10. Se Me'n Fot
11. Hey Joe

download part 1, part 2

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cólera "Ataque Frontal"

I bought this LP in a record store and this is unofficial bootleg best of type of record (from 1982-1988 period). I bought it in 2000 I think and maybe that's when it was released, I wouldn't know.
Anyway, this is great way to get introduced to Cólera if you're not their fan already. The first side is early tracks and the other (last seven tracks) are from the later period.
If you don't know them, Cólera are one of the first Brasilian punk bands and first ones that toured overseas. They're making noise since 1979 until today. Gotta respect that.
Check out their web page for more info.

Released: 2000?
Label: Order & Progress Records
Size: 109 MB

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01. Suburbio Geral
02. Hhei
03. Qto. Vale A Libertade
04. Histeria
05. Subratos
06. Sarjeta
07. Violar Suas Leis
08. São Pãolo
09. Agir
10. Palpebrite
11. Duas Ogivas
12. Passeata
13. Vira-latas
14. De O Fora
15. Direitos Humanos
16. Vivo Na Cidade
17. Alucinado
18. Adolescente
19. Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo
20. TV
21. É Natal

download part 1, part 2

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hellback "Promo Tracks"

OK, this one is not out of print stuff like the 99% of stuff here on Röckin' Nöiz, but I got a green light to put it here. Here you have three tracks of great hardcore/crust/punk made by friends of mine from Požega.
I told you already about Pula being mecca for great punk and hardcore bands, well one could say the same for Požega. But it definitely is boozing capital of Croatia.
If you wanna contact them try through the web site of the band Dislike since they share two members. Also great grinding band.
This you can download here and here, on their download page. Check them out. Hellback yeah!

Released: 2007
Label: self-released
Size: 6 MB

01. Prevara. Laž.
02. Broken Icon pt.2
03. Najprljavija Igra (Život)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dog On A Rope "Spike"

Today I was remembering some stuff from the club where I used to work (now defunct "Attack") and in my head I was going through some gigs that happened there. When I remembered Dog On A Rope I could say that that one was one of the best ones. Not for being the best band, but for being great people and having great fun and communication with the people in the club even during the gig. And the singer had the same St. Pauli t-shirt as me. Nice fashion taste I'd say.
This is the only LP by this singalong anarcho punks from Leeds. I'm not sure, but I think the year was 1998 and that the label is theirs. They also had two 7"s and a split 7" with Sanctus Iuda from Poland. They'll pop up here too eventually.
I think that they're not playing anymore. Here's their
homepage (not updated since 2003).

Released: 1998
Label: Chase Out Records
Size: 71 MB

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01. No Surrender
02. What Are We Waiting For?
03. DIY
04. Red Sheep
05. Let's Get Ronnie
06. Tubeway Army
07. Get Out Of My Face
08. Police Scum
09. Power Corrupts
10. Freedom


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kuro "Who The Helpless" 7"

Here's some classic japcore for those few people that don't know this.
This is known as rarest Japanese hardcore vinyl (the original 8"), but it was/is available through this 7" bootleg and few bootleg discography releases over the years.
I'm sorry that I never bought the zine (don't remember which one it was) that had an article about why this is the best record ever. That would be fun to read.
Anyway, enjoy.

Released: 1984
Label: Blue Jug Records
Size: 27 MB

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01. X/japanese title
02. Human Gas
03. Body
04. Who The Helpless
05. Selfish Cow
06. japanese title/OiMaeda
07. No More No