Monday, April 7, 2008

Dog On A Rope "Spike"

Today I was remembering some stuff from the club where I used to work (now defunct "Attack") and in my head I was going through some gigs that happened there. When I remembered Dog On A Rope I could say that that one was one of the best ones. Not for being the best band, but for being great people and having great fun and communication with the people in the club even during the gig. And the singer had the same St. Pauli t-shirt as me. Nice fashion taste I'd say.
This is the only LP by this singalong anarcho punks from Leeds. I'm not sure, but I think the year was 1998 and that the label is theirs. They also had two 7"s and a split 7" with Sanctus Iuda from Poland. They'll pop up here too eventually.
I think that they're not playing anymore. Here's their
homepage (not updated since 2003).

Released: 1998
Label: Chase Out Records
Size: 71 MB

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01. No Surrender
02. What Are We Waiting For?
03. DIY
04. Red Sheep
05. Let's Get Ronnie
06. Tubeway Army
07. Get Out Of My Face
08. Police Scum
09. Power Corrupts
10. Freedom



Nečista Savjest said...

jebeno, meni je ovo najbolji bend... još sa samo da staviš njihov "Rope Rage" 7", "Yob Cultue" 7" i onaj split sa Sanctus Iuda---

irishdave said...

Yes! A PUNK classic! Although I feel weird singing along to No Surrender - reminds me too much of my Grandparents in Belfast (shudder)

Malisha Old 666 said...

What is that song have to do with yr grands? Were they anarcho punks when they were young and they're into oil business with Bush family now?

Nečista Savjest, bit će sve s vremenom. Ili ako si nestrpljiv...

irishdave said...

My Grands were Northern Irish Unionists - " No Surrender, No Surrender, No Surrender to the I.R.A." was a fave chant / song of theirs.

Malisha Old 666 said...

That explains it. And I learned something new. A bit of history and a chant. Ha!

durruti said...

Many thanks for this! I bought (and still have) the 'Yob Culture' EP when it came out and thought it was brilliant, especially the homage to Ian Stuart :D But I never got round to getting anything else, so this is just like getting a brand new record.

Nice one ;)

Anonymous said...

re-upload album plz!