Friday, March 27, 2009

Olho Seco "Os Primeiros Dias" 12"

Olho Seco needs no introduction, but if you don't know who they are you can find a bit of info here.
This record contains their first demo tape recorded in 1981 which means that it predates "Grito Suburbano" compilation and "Botas, Fuzis É Capacetes" 7". There is also different version of this called "Os Primeiros Dias 1981-1983" with two demos, some rehersal, studio and live tracks.
As I've found out, these recordings don't have serious lyrics because they wanted to make one record and then call it a day, so they weren't too concerned with them. I guess that they were just
Cólera's side project then since they share members.
I was lucky enough that I had the chance to watch them live when they reformed and I think that the singer Fabio was the only original member, but I'm not sure, same as I don't know if they're still playing.
Anyway, this is stuff of legends so go and get it.

Released: 1995
Label: New Face Records
Size: 26 MB

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01. Eu Não Sei
02. Castidade
03. Olho De Gato
04. Direitas Já
05. Nada
06. Lutar Matar
07. Falsa Liberdade


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Problems with downloads

If you've tried to download some older stuff from here that's been uploaded on ADrive you couldn't download it due to the fact that ADrive decided to move all my files from shared to private and fuck up all the download statistics in the process which I like to check out so I can see what you peolpe dig most.
Anyway I've moved them all back to shared and if you still have problems just leave a comment and I'll re-up it somewhere else (won't put free ad here he-he).