Monday, February 1, 2010

VA "Gore Gore Girls volume 2" 7"

Lately I'm going through some records that I've hardly ever played and this is one of such. I believe that I got this one from someone, but I guess that too much alcohol in those days have done its job and my memory is quite bad, so I guess I'll never know how I got this.
This is (as the title says) second of the Gore Gore Girls compilation series which included female bands. Volume 1 included Xenolith Oger (Japan), Women From Hell (USA) and Roadrunners (Sweden). As far as I could find out from the New Wave Records site this 7" is their last release until 2002 and 7" by Cojoba from Puerto Rico. Since I like to google a bit before posting, there are few more facts that maybe you'd like to know, New Wave Records was (still is?) French label formed in 1983 and it was also a zine (last issue in 2007?).
And now back to this record. The bands on it are Voodoo Dolls from Coimbra, Portugal, Uneven from Saint-Etienne, France, X-Syndicate from Pantin, France and PMT from Norwich, UK. Voodoo Dolls play surf/horror punk/psychobilly? mix, two French bands are heaviest and they play hardcore punk. Uneven are kind of slowish and they somehow don't hold my attention while X-Syndicate sound much better to me and the vocalist reminds me a bit of singer Tati (Day By Day, Lost World...). PMT play punk with ska bits thrown in and they are actually the only band I knew before since I had their "In Tomato Sauce" tape. Later their saxophone player Jenny went to play in Ex-Cathedra. If you want you can find their split 7" with Red Flag 77 here.

Released: 1998
Label: New Wave Records
Size: 26 MB

01. Voodoo Dolls - Blood Feast
02. Uneven - Did I Hear Right?
03. X-Syndicate - Damned It
04. PMT - Monopolize