Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enough!/Juggling Jugulars split 7"

Since I'm quite occupied (more like obsessed) lately with some other, non-music related stuff, my posts are quite rare and I can't seem to find time for doing this, but for those of you that come here here's little something. I'll be short, so...
This 7" is the result of the 1996 tour that the two bands had. These Juggling Jugulars tracks also appear on their "New Toys" CD. Like always, you can find more info on the web. Now go and enjoy this Polish/Finnish punk feast.

Released: 1997
Label: Trujaca Fala
Size: 36 MB

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01. Enough! - Życie To Tylko Łzy
02. Enough! - Bez Litości
03. Juggling Jugulars - Revenge
04. Juggling Jugulars - Toy Voters
05. Juggling Jugulars - Image
06. Juggling Jugulars - Violence In The New World Order
07. Juggling Jugulars - Suolia Ja Ulosteita