Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deformed Conscience "Constant Strife" 7"

I'm not gonna write their history. To see that go to their MySpace. I'm just gonna say that this is the way to play crust and this is surely one of my favourite records of 90s. This is released on their own label Adversity Records and cover artwork for this 7" is done by THE artist for your crust records - Marald (who was then known as Shitface). He also did shitloads of drawings for other stuff, but you already know that.
After you listen to this go to Unrest Records and buy discography double LP "Hagen Days" which they released in 2007 (again with Marald's cover).

Released: 1993
Label: Adversity Records
Size: 28 MB

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01. Constant Strife
02. At A Loss
03. Segregated Scene
04. Uphill Battle
05. Another Struggle
06. Closet Fascists
07. System Of Chains


Saturday, November 29, 2008

AOS3 "Diversionary Tactics"

I had kind of computer/monitor/graphics card crash combined since last weekend and haven't ripped anything, but to make it up, here's one CD rip after a long time. It's another AOS3 release from my last order, since there were quite a few downloads of the last one. This is their second album from now defunct Inna State Records, so if you still wanna buy this, hurry to Southern Records. They still have some of them left. AOS3 split after this album, but last year they reformed and are gigging again and making new album. I hope I won't chew all my nails 'till it comes out. Enjoy.

Released: 1995
Label: Inna State Records
Size: 79 MB

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01. Pope's Eye Steak
02. Norton The First
03. Bedtime Stories
04. Politics
05. Armchair Anarchists
06. Vicious Cabaret
07. 10 Billion
08. No More


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crunch/The Sickoids split 7"

Here's requested Crunch's split 7" with The Sickoids too. As you could read in previous post Crunch are excellent fastcore band from Torino, Italy and The Sickoids are from Napoli and they play punk rock with some faster parts. I don't know much about any of the bands, but I'm sure that you could google out something more.

Released: 1995
Label: TOHC
Size: 38 MB

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01. Crunch - Macchinetta
02. Crunch - Furioso Zapping
03. Crunch - Collari
04. Crunch - Tre
05. Crunch - La Soluzione
06. Crunch - Mondo F
07. Crunch - Uole Laik
08. The Sickoids - Narks
09. The Sickoids - No Flags
10. The Sickoids - Family Jail
11. The Sickoids - War Victims
12. The Sickoids - Pissed Off Morals


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crunch "Ran-Core" 7"

This is I believe first release from these longhaired hardcore bunch from Torino, Italy. I've watched them on Monte Paradiso festival in 1995 and their fast music managed to make me and a friend of mine from the state of being dead drunk and nodding to being fully awake and dancing in the front rows. Haven't heard much about them later, but they were really amazing live band. I have two more of their 7"s and they were all released on their TOHC (Torino hardcore) records. Try it and you'll love it.

Released: 1994
Label: TOHC
Size: 19 MB

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01. Subito
02. Zot
03. Vortice
04. Ritorno Al Nuovo
05. Oggi È Sempre
06. Contro I Muri
07. Ran-Core
08. Di Fronte Al Bivio
09. Poesie Dal Prato


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AOS3 "On A Knight Train" 12"

This came in the last batch of music I've ordered. I thought I was buying an AOS3 single, but this is two remixes of AOS3 songs by Zion Train and Knights Of The Occasional Table (I like the later better). I guess that this won't be downloaded much as this is not where people into electronic music stop by to check out what's new (old). But if you are into it you could like this. Or if you are completist or AOS3 fan like me.

Released: 1996
Label: Inna State Records
Size: 35 MB

01. Something Must Be Done (Zion Train Remix)
02. Norton The 1st (Knights Of The Occasional Table Remix)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun People "The Portrait Of Sudamerican Sun Rockers" LP

Fun People were great (mostly) melodic hardcore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don't wanna go too much about their sound because they go from acoustic ballads (Otro Mundo) to fast hardcore in HHH vein (Boicot Antinaturals). Their musical diversity can be seen in covers on this LP and that are New York Dolls, The Clash and Black Sabbath. All in all really great band that always lifts my spirit and that's always a good thing. Highly recommended.
The guy on the record is Kurt Gustav Wilckens.

Released: 2000
Label: Ugly Discos / Sacro K-Baalismo Records
Size: 113 MB

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01. Mother Earth
02. Lady
03. Un Dia (Como Wilckens)
04. Hunt
05. Estoy A Tu Lado
06. Trash (New York Dolls cover)
07. Point Of Lovely Sun
08. Desarme
09. Ya No Formo Parte De Esto
10. Rainbow
11. Spirit Of 77
12. Marionetas
13. Otro Mundo
14. FMS. Fuck Male Supremacy
15. El Stranger
16. Annabelle
17. Si Pudiera (Desde Ushuaia)
18. Boicot Antinaturals
19. Never Digas Morir (Black Sabbath cover)
20. Libre Al Fin (The Clash cover)
21. Masticar (Radio)
22. Mantiene Tu Espiritu Con Humor
23. Diciembre
24. Distinto

download part1, part 2

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fakofbolan/Dark Busters split LP

If you're croatian you know all about this LP and if you're not, here's some info on it.
Fakofbolan were from Pula and they played probably the greatest singalong punk rock in Croatia ever that filled every club they played. This was their first vinyl release (before this I've only heard one split tape with Confusione Totale (also from Pula), but I don't believe that was a proper release). This stuff was later available as a bonus on CD version of their next album "Jedini Dokaz" (without the booze hymn and a joke featured here). They also had one more album before they split in 2006 after 13 years of playing.
Dark Busters were also from Pula and they played their kind of jazzy hardcore and were really great musicians. At the time of this release these two bands played really a lot (often together). This is their only release as pretty soon after this they changed their name to After Buster Future Beat and played analogue trance music (that'd be with the same "classic" instruments, bass guitar and drums). Later the drummer from DB played for Fakofbolan too (and a lot more other bands including legendary Pula punks "KUD Idijoti").
Look at this as kind of croatian version of Defiance/Raped teenagers split LP. Enjoy.
P.S. Just found out two and a half hours after posting this that Šela, the guy singing Himna Tounju on Fakofbolan side died hit by a car after returning home from
Antifa festival. He was one of those people that always tried to make you laugh and most of the times succeeded. Pula won't be the same without you my friend. This post is for Šela.

Released: 1996
Label: Humanita Nova / Monte Paradiso
Size: 110 MB

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01. Fakofbolan - Kota 313
02. Fakofbolan - Ropstvo Je Sloboda
03. Fakofbolan - Ne Želim Biti Tvoj
04. Fakofbolan - Rođen Da Gubim
05. Fakofbolan - Metak
06. Fakofbolan - Mržnja
07. Fakofbolan - O.K.
08. Fakofbolan - Imamo Hrvatsku
09. Fakofbolan - Neprilagodljiv Tip
10. Fakofbolan - Himna Tounju
11. Fakofbolan - Vic
12. Dark Busters - Compromise
13. Dark Busters - Mrtav D.J.
14. Dark Busters - War
15. Dark Busters - Because Off
16. Dark Busters - Hard Drugs
17. Dark Busters - Anarcho-Vegetarian Boy
18. Dark Busters - Hrvatska Danas
19. Dark Busters - Intro

download part1, part 2

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inferno "Hibakusha" LP

This is the second album from this German hardcore punk legends. They were formed in small Bavarian City of Augsburg in 1982 and they relased most of their stuff on singer Howie's label. There's no info on the LP of year when it was released. Some sites say 1985 and some 1986, but I reckon it's the later. I'm a bit lazy now writing about them and I'll just copy/paste text from Destiny records who have re-released all of their stuff on 2CD discography (which you MUST get of course):
In the Mid-80ties INFERNO were a worldwide well known (the most known) Hardcore Band from Germany, especially known in USA, Japan, Brazil,... but also in (former socialist) Yugoslavia, in Australia or Malaysia. The group tours all over Europe, as an active cell of the continental Hardcore-network, a network which reaches from the Basque Country up to Helsinki, from Amsterdam to Athens, from Bristol to Belgrade; Thrash- and Speedmetal-Acts such as Hirax, Slayer, Anthrax or S.O.D name INFERNO as one of their biggest influences in several interviews and features.
Here you can read the interview from Ox Fanzine #73 (in German).

Released: 1986
Label: Rise & Fall Productions
Size: 82 MB

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01. Hibakusha
02. Ein Glücklicher Narr
03. Ich Liebe Nur Mich
04. Dein Bester Freund
05. Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute
06. 7 Jahre
07. Ein Tag Im Schatten
08. Es Reicht
09. Das Spiel Der Großen
10. V.V.V.
11. Die Rache Kommt
12. Macht Das Spaß?
13. Gewußt Wie
14. No One Rules! (Charge cover)


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Impact "82-85" LP

This record (as the name suggests) collects early works from this legendary Italian hardcore punk band. It contains '82 demo (tracks 1-3), rehearsal from the same year (tracks 4 and 11), split 7" with Eu's Arse (tracks 5-10) and Solo Odio LP (tracks 12-21). You can hear moving from more punk sound of the first demo to a more aggressive sound in the later stuff. This is re-issued on CD as 80-87 which means that there's more stuff, but I won't buy it 'cause Giulio The Bastard (of Cripple Bastards) who did this LP and the CD is now promoting serbian chetniks, (and such moronic mentality) who are fascist from the WWII era same as ustashe here in Croatia (and who fought each other btw, which is even more weird 'cause Giulio's mother is croatian).
Anyway, later in the 90s Impact have gone through some sound changes which resulted in more and more bad stuff (in my opinion). Impact's last record (as far as I know) is split 7" from '95 with another Italian band called D.U.S.K. that has only the guitar player from the original line-up and I don't believe that I've ever listened their 2 songs or the other band's 'till the end. That's one of rare records that I'd not miss.
Anyway the stuff here is legendary and asskickin raw hardcore punk italian way. Enjoy!

Released: 1995
Label: Glued Stamps / Provinciattiva
Size: 92 MB

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01. Dio Salvi Il Vaticano
02. Alzati E Scuotiti
03. No Al Servizio Militare
04. Ambizioni
05. Polizia
06. Governo
07. Dolci Sensazioni/...
08. La Lettera
09. Giustizia
10. Cadaveri
11. No Potere/Camici Bianchi
12. Non Puoi Giudicare
13. Morte Chimica
14. Processo Di Vita
15. Ribellione
16. Eroi
17. Delitto Legale
18. Solo Odio
19. Sulla Loro Croce
20. La Vostra Violenza
21. L'Uomo Procede