Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crunch "Ran-Core" 7"

This is I believe first release from these longhaired hardcore bunch from Torino, Italy. I've watched them on Monte Paradiso festival in 1995 and their fast music managed to make me and a friend of mine from the state of being dead drunk and nodding to being fully awake and dancing in the front rows. Haven't heard much about them later, but they were really amazing live band. I have two more of their 7"s and they were all released on their TOHC (Torino hardcore) records. Try it and you'll love it.

Released: 1994
Label: TOHC
Size: 19 MB

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01. Subito
02. Zot
03. Vortice
04. Ritorno Al Nuovo
05. Oggi È Sempre
06. Contro I Muri
07. Ran-Core
08. Di Fronte Al Bivio
09. Poesie Dal Prato



potress said...

brijem da su svirali obje večeri na paradisu jer su kao prvi dan svirali nalokani, al kolko se sječam taj nalokani gig je bio fastkor za sjest i zamislit se. i meni tada bitan band, bravo care, nisam si taj ep pustio godinama.

Malisha Old 666 said...

Da, koncert je bio zvjerski. Ja sam si pustio ovo prije mjesec dana isto nakon nekoliko (u stvari dosta) godina, pa reko da stavim i to ovdje.

Anonymous said...

posjedujem taj 7" & "benvenuti persone 7" ali i dalje trazim treci 7" ciju sam snimku davno imao na tejpu. mozes taj 7" upload-at ako imas?

Malisha Old 666 said...

Osim ta dva imam i split 7" sa The Sickoids, a ako tražiš Estremamente 7" ( to nemam.

Anonymous said...

huh, ja bi taj split s sickoids. upload-as?

James said...

Thanks for the post!! Great band!!

Anonymous said...

Nice done (particularly about the artwork scan)!
I'm Marco, ex-singer of the band. This was indeed our first vinyl release.
Feel free to upload also other material, if you have it, this is the complete discography:
Ran-core (7", 1994)
Yepa! (split 7" with The Sickoids, 1995)
Benvenuti persone! (7", 1995)
Estrema-mente (7", 1996)
Bubba bubba bubba (first 3 7" compilation, LP, 1997)
Bubba bubba bubba (all 4 7" compilation, CD, 1998)
- line up change -
Rock'n'roll doping (7", 1999)
Doping (CD, 2000)

Malisha Old 666 said...

Hi Marco.
Thanx for dropping a line. Crunch was very much loved band in Croatia after you played Monte Paradiso festival. Unfortunately, the only other release of yours that I have is Benvenuti persone! 7", but if you're up for it, you could rip and scan Doping CD (is that like a complete discography?) for me and I would be very happy to post it here.