Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fakofbolan/Dark Busters split LP

If you're croatian you know all about this LP and if you're not, here's some info on it.
Fakofbolan were from Pula and they played probably the greatest singalong punk rock in Croatia ever that filled every club they played. This was their first vinyl release (before this I've only heard one split tape with Confusione Totale (also from Pula), but I don't believe that was a proper release). This stuff was later available as a bonus on CD version of their next album "Jedini Dokaz" (without the booze hymn and a joke featured here). They also had one more album before they split in 2006 after 13 years of playing.
Dark Busters were also from Pula and they played their kind of jazzy hardcore and were really great musicians. At the time of this release these two bands played really a lot (often together). This is their only release as pretty soon after this they changed their name to After Buster Future Beat and played analogue trance music (that'd be with the same "classic" instruments, bass guitar and drums). Later the drummer from DB played for Fakofbolan too (and a lot more other bands including legendary Pula punks "KUD Idijoti").
Look at this as kind of croatian version of Defiance/Raped teenagers split LP. Enjoy.
P.S. Just found out two and a half hours after posting this that Šela, the guy singing Himna Tounju on Fakofbolan side died hit by a car after returning home from
Antifa festival. He was one of those people that always tried to make you laugh and most of the times succeeded. Pula won't be the same without you my friend. This post is for Šela.

Released: 1996
Label: Humanita Nova / Monte Paradiso
Size: 110 MB

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01. Fakofbolan - Kota 313
02. Fakofbolan - Ropstvo Je Sloboda
03. Fakofbolan - Ne Želim Biti Tvoj
04. Fakofbolan - Rođen Da Gubim
05. Fakofbolan - Metak
06. Fakofbolan - Mržnja
07. Fakofbolan - O.K.
08. Fakofbolan - Imamo Hrvatsku
09. Fakofbolan - Neprilagodljiv Tip
10. Fakofbolan - Himna Tounju
11. Fakofbolan - Vic
12. Dark Busters - Compromise
13. Dark Busters - Mrtav D.J.
14. Dark Busters - War
15. Dark Busters - Because Off
16. Dark Busters - Hard Drugs
17. Dark Busters - Anarcho-Vegetarian Boy
18. Dark Busters - Hrvatska Danas
19. Dark Busters - Intro

download part1, part 2


Anonymous said...

mi još tu noč jeli vegan hranu pa naletio šela i iz đepa si mesine nabaco u grah, i ono zgine tu noč.
znali se 15 god ali strogo iz viđenja.
rip care.

Malisha Old 666 said...

Da, i ja sam ga znao oko 15 godina. Od onog Paradisa kojeg nije bilo, ('94?) ako se dobro sjećam. Prije ko klinci smo si bili ful dobri, u zadnje vrijeme smo izgubili taj ful prisni kontakt, ali mi ga je uvijek bilo ful drago vidjeti i uvijek je bio smijeh. Takav će mi i ostati u sjećanju.