Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deformed Conscience "Constant Strife" 7"

I'm not gonna write their history. To see that go to their MySpace. I'm just gonna say that this is the way to play crust and this is surely one of my favourite records of 90s. This is released on their own label Adversity Records and cover artwork for this 7" is done by THE artist for your crust records - Marald (who was then known as Shitface). He also did shitloads of drawings for other stuff, but you already know that.
After you listen to this go to Unrest Records and buy discography double LP "Hagen Days" which they released in 2007 (again with Marald's cover).

Released: 1993
Label: Adversity Records
Size: 28 MB

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01. Constant Strife
02. At A Loss
03. Segregated Scene
04. Uphill Battle
05. Another Struggle
06. Closet Fascists
07. System Of Chains


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