Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun People "The Portrait Of Sudamerican Sun Rockers" LP

Fun People were great (mostly) melodic hardcore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don't wanna go too much about their sound because they go from acoustic ballads (Otro Mundo) to fast hardcore in HHH vein (Boicot Antinaturals). Their musical diversity can be seen in covers on this LP and that are New York Dolls, The Clash and Black Sabbath. All in all really great band that always lifts my spirit and that's always a good thing. Highly recommended.
The guy on the record is Kurt Gustav Wilckens.

Released: 2000
Label: Ugly Discos / Sacro K-Baalismo Records
Size: 113 MB

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01. Mother Earth
02. Lady
03. Un Dia (Como Wilckens)
04. Hunt
05. Estoy A Tu Lado
06. Trash (New York Dolls cover)
07. Point Of Lovely Sun
08. Desarme
09. Ya No Formo Parte De Esto
10. Rainbow
11. Spirit Of 77
12. Marionetas
13. Otro Mundo
14. FMS. Fuck Male Supremacy
15. El Stranger
16. Annabelle
17. Si Pudiera (Desde Ushuaia)
18. Boicot Antinaturals
19. Never Digas Morir (Black Sabbath cover)
20. Libre Al Fin (The Clash cover)
21. Masticar (Radio)
22. Mantiene Tu Espiritu Con Humor
23. Diciembre
24. Distinto

download part1, part 2

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toxik boys said...

Thanx for spreading punk music from Southamerican

This band is very famous here.
Great post!