Saturday, November 29, 2008

AOS3 "Diversionary Tactics"

I had kind of computer/monitor/graphics card crash combined since last weekend and haven't ripped anything, but to make it up, here's one CD rip after a long time. It's another AOS3 release from my last order, since there were quite a few downloads of the last one. This is their second album from now defunct Inna State Records, so if you still wanna buy this, hurry to Southern Records. They still have some of them left. AOS3 split after this album, but last year they reformed and are gigging again and making new album. I hope I won't chew all my nails 'till it comes out. Enjoy.

Released: 1995
Label: Inna State Records
Size: 79 MB

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01. Pope's Eye Steak
02. Norton The First
03. Bedtime Stories
04. Politics
05. Armchair Anarchists
06. Vicious Cabaret
07. 10 Billion
08. No More



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