Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vivisection/Genocide SS split 7"

First of all I'd like to say thanks to Janša of Nečista Savjest for giving me this little treasure a couple of years ago.
This hard to get 7" is first record by Swedish crust monster Genocide SS (featuring sadly departed Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum and Krigshot, R.I.P.)
Here they share the 7" with Japanese grinders Vivisection. All the GSS tracks are untitled except the first one.
Pressed in 1000 copies and mine is one of the 300 blue ones (ha-ha).

Released: 1995
Label: Blurred Records
Size: 32 MB

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01. Vivisection - Mind Slaughter
02. Vivisection - Healed Past
03. Vivisection - Bolt Hole
04. Vivisection - Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death cover)
05. Genocide SS - Hjältarna På Stureplan
06. Genocide SS - ...
07. Genocide SS - ...
08. Genocide SS - ...
09. Genocide SS - ...
10. Genocide SS - ...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maggot Slayer Overdrive "The Angry Buzzing Of A Million Flies" 7"

I bought this EP after reading their interview in Arnie zine and having a laugh with their drunk stories. Just like my other fave drunks, Disorder, they too hail from Bristol.
The music is booze fueled punk with metallic guitar and it rocks as fuck. They also had split LP with Corpus Vile that's also on my want list, so...

Released: 1996
Label: Epistrophy Records
Size: 35 MB

1. Michael's Jacksack
2. Ostrich Eggs
3. Of Pyramids And Mud
4. Dial B For Bernard


Tromatism "Je Ne Veux Plus Avoir Mal" 7"

Tromatism were French anarcho-punk band that were famous for their live shows which were theatrical spectacles. First time that I've heard of them was when a friend of mine from Slovenia (Ramona) enthusiastically tried to explain me everything that happens in their show. There's also another story from Pula (the town on the coast of Croatia) with nazi skin and the singer that ends with skin running naked to the police. Anyway, I'm really sorry that I've never seen them live. The music is really good punk with drum machine.
The members later played in bands like Anima, Ethnopaire and reformed Bérurier Noir.
Here's a bit on them in French Wikipedia and here you can have a little taste of their live show from their 1994 gig in Slovenia.

Released: 1994
Label: Ape Records
Size: 27 MB

01. Auschwitz-Planête
02. Massacre
03. Les Majors-Compagnies
04. Exil-Mental


Monday, January 28, 2008

Cracked Cop Skulls "Why Pussyfoot When You Can Kill?"

Their second EP. 9 more blasts. This was supposed to be released on a Japanese compilation LP that never came out. Wrong tracklist order on the cover.
I heard that they had five song demo in 2003, so if anyone has it...
On their MySpace page they say "We have recorded some new songs at Bloodless Studios, Wiltshire. Twelve short blasters. We are just writing the lyrics and trying out a new vocalist. Let you know more in the future." Maybe a new 7"? Can't wait.

Released: 1995
Label: S.O.A. Records
Size: 20 MB

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01. Safe New World?
02. Chameleon
03. Human Circus
04. Malice Aforethought
05. Broken Mirror
06. Bloodstock
07. Pressganged
08. Inertia
09. Exhausted


Cracked Cop Skulls "No Fucking Tears For The Pieces Of Shit"

First EP by this band featuring members of Ripcord, Napalm Death and Ironside.
To me, this is the best Discharge clone and are even better than teachers (better? - I could get killed for this). And they're named after Shitlickers song. It can hardly get much better than this.
Enjoy this twelve 30-second blasts of d-beat mayhem.
To all Discharge lovers.

Released: 1995
Label: Days Of Fury
Size: 21 MB

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01. Shield
02. End Of The Line
03. Unplugged
04. Bittersweet
05. Omnipresent
06. Retribute
07. Pulp
08. Treadmill
09. Self Explanatory
10. Perpetual Trash
11. Paradoxically
12. Dunce


Contropotere "Solo Selvaggi"

I don't know any person that doesn't like this record. This little slab of wax still gives me the jitters each time it starts.
Anyway, this is fifth release of the mighty Skuld Releases and this Italian bunch of squatters provide four tracks of amazing tribal hardcore punk with best female punk singer ever. Period.
For more info go to their MySpace page.

Released: 1992
Label: Skuld Releases
Size: 25 MB

01. Quello Che Hai
02. Zona Luce
03. Naufraga
04. Briganti


Röckin' Nöiz vinyl rips

I've finally got usb phono pre-amp and a scanner and now you'll see much more of my vinyl rips. Before I used to rip vinyl just through my sound card and it would be full of electricity hum and I've never been pleased with the sound of it. Even with cleaning the sound through Cool Edit Pro wasn't giving good results - the sound would get too weak (except for my first post - Siebensünden). Now I'm doing it with usb phono pre-amp through Audacity in 320 cbr with LAME mp3 codec and without noise removal. My rips will be labeled as RN vinyl. All mp3s have integrated front cover in them. If someone shows interest I can put all scanned covers as a seperate dowload.
Anyway, watch out for my little treasure chest.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sedition "End In The Beginning Beginning in The End"

My girlfriend suggested me to post this gem and what a great suggestion it is.
Glasgow bunch that's one of the bands that marked the european crust punk scene of the 90s.
This is Sedition's almost full discography. It contains their "Earthbeat" LP (1993), stuff from split lp w/Pink Turds In Space (1990), "Dealing With Cliches" EP (1989) and their first demo from 1998. The only record that's missing is their split EP w/Dissafect (1993), but you can find this release on crustcracker.
Have a nice flashback everybody.

Released: 2003
Label: Flat Earth Recs
Size: 109 MB

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01. Earthbeat
02. Tribal Transition
03. Gaia
04. Deconsume
05. Lungs Of The Earth
06. Ecologic
07. Logical Isolation
08. Ride On
09. A Trail Of Tears
10. Aphorism
11. Who's The Savage?
12. Sex Biased Roles
13. The Key To Co-Existance
14. New Breed - Bad Seed!
15. Death Chant
16. Freedom Is An Attitude
17. Consumer Brainwash
18. Suffocation
19. Authority
20. Cease To Exist
21. Nobody
22. Deja Vu?
23. No Poll Tax!
24. Homophobia
25. Friday
26. Love
27. Judge And Be Damned!
28. Swine!
29. Holy Corruption
30. Understand Me!
31. ...Or Dealing With Death!
32. Criminals Of War!
33. The Chase Is On...
34. Justified Violence
35. Violation!
36. Life (The New Spectator Sport)
37. T.V. Sickness
38. Disgrace
39. Abuse
40. Why Fur?


Friday, January 18, 2008

Inepsy "R'N'R Babylon"

R'N'R Babylon is Inepsy's first full lenght.
What you have here is half an hour of excellent Röckin' Nöiz that makes you wanna get on your motorcycle, stop to pick up Lemmy and destroy yourself and everything else under your wheels.
After this one they had "City/Weapons" LP in 2004 and "No Speed Limit For Destruction" in 2007 which are both still available from Feral Ward.
The last album is not so punk musically and as I've seen it, people either love it or hate it. It's more of a rock album, something like Motörhead meets KISS, but still very good. It took me few listens to get used to new sound, but now I can say it's another killer. Even though I like their older stuff more, with tracks like "Rock'N'Roll Is The Only Way", "10 Packs Of Smokes", "Fast Way To Die" and "Wild City Night" you are still getting another dose of rock to the bone Inepsy way.

Released: 2003
Label: Feral Ward
Size: 42 MB

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01. Who's Next
02. Lost The Ride
03. R'N'R Babylon
04. The Aftermath Of Progress
05. Street City Kids
06. Conspiracy WW III
07. See You In Hell!
08. If You'll Die I'll Die
09. Born For The Road
10. We Are Here To Climb


Inepsy "See You In Hell" EP

This EP is the first release by these gods of Motörhead meets D-beat punk from Montreal.
Listen and enjoy.
For more info on them go to their MySpace page.

Released: 2002
Label: Feral Ward
Size: 12 MB

01. Germ Warfare
02. It's A Time Bomb
03. Hammer Heart
04. The Reaper Watches The Game
05. Anti-System (Unreleased Track)