Monday, January 28, 2008

Röckin' Nöiz vinyl rips

I've finally got usb phono pre-amp and a scanner and now you'll see much more of my vinyl rips. Before I used to rip vinyl just through my sound card and it would be full of electricity hum and I've never been pleased with the sound of it. Even with cleaning the sound through Cool Edit Pro wasn't giving good results - the sound would get too weak (except for my first post - Siebensünden). Now I'm doing it with usb phono pre-amp through Audacity in 320 cbr with LAME mp3 codec and without noise removal. My rips will be labeled as RN vinyl. All mp3s have integrated front cover in them. If someone shows interest I can put all scanned covers as a seperate dowload.
Anyway, watch out for my little treasure chest.

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