Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sedition "End In The Beginning Beginning in The End"

My girlfriend suggested me to post this gem and what a great suggestion it is.
Glasgow bunch that's one of the bands that marked the european crust punk scene of the 90s.
This is Sedition's almost full discography. It contains their "Earthbeat" LP (1993), stuff from split lp w/Pink Turds In Space (1990), "Dealing With Cliches" EP (1989) and their first demo from 1998. The only record that's missing is their split EP w/Dissafect (1993), but you can find this release on crustcracker.
Have a nice flashback everybody.

Released: 2003
Label: Flat Earth Recs
Size: 109 MB

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01. Earthbeat
02. Tribal Transition
03. Gaia
04. Deconsume
05. Lungs Of The Earth
06. Ecologic
07. Logical Isolation
08. Ride On
09. A Trail Of Tears
10. Aphorism
11. Who's The Savage?
12. Sex Biased Roles
13. The Key To Co-Existance
14. New Breed - Bad Seed!
15. Death Chant
16. Freedom Is An Attitude
17. Consumer Brainwash
18. Suffocation
19. Authority
20. Cease To Exist
21. Nobody
22. Deja Vu?
23. No Poll Tax!
24. Homophobia
25. Friday
26. Love
27. Judge And Be Damned!
28. Swine!
29. Holy Corruption
30. Understand Me!
31. ...Or Dealing With Death!
32. Criminals Of War!
33. The Chase Is On...
34. Justified Violence
35. Violation!
36. Life (The New Spectator Sport)
37. T.V. Sickness
38. Disgrace
39. Abuse
40. Why Fur?



Lo-Res Viscera said...

Whoa, excellent post/blog!
I dig Sedition alot, never could get enough of them...
Underrated band for sure.

You wouldn't happen to have any Bleeding Rectum, would you?
Been looking for that stuff for years.

I'm adding your link to my blog ;)

James said...

Thanks again for posting this! A classic!!