Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wat Tyler "Mr Crust" 7"

Since yesterday one very little fella joined Röckin' Nöiz crew, I find this little piece of vinyl just the right thing for this occasion. Cress song set to the music from a children's tape.
Welcome aboard Jan.

01. The Sheriff Of Nottingham
02. Mr. Crust And Two Veg
03. Liar Liar (Pants On Fire)
04. History Of The Soviet Union Part 2 (Civil War, Isolation And Starvation 1918 - 1923)

Released: 2000
Label: Rugger Bugger Discs
Size: 17 MB


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Escandalo Publiko "La Vida En La Ciudad" 7"

Here's another one that I haven't bought and don't actually remember how it ended up with me.
I've listened this once or twice more than 10 years ago and gave it another shot now and it still leaves me unimpressed, but maybe someone was just looking for this one, so here it is.
I've managed to google out that this hardcore bunch is from Gijón, Spain and that's about it.
Feel free to fill in any additional info in the comments section if you know more about them.

Released: 1992
Label: Fobia-Duros Sentimientos
Size: 27 MB

01. Yankees No
02. Triste Dinero
03. El Preso Eres Tu
04. La Vida En La Ciudad


Thursday, November 25, 2010

VA "Bullshit Detector Vol. 4" 2xLP

OK. It's been over one month since my last post (again), so I've put the effort in ripping a double LP this time. That is also a bit of extra effort (by my standards) as today is 3 years since I started this blog and if you look at last year's b-day post, the things are more or less the same with top 10 posts, so I won't do it again.
What we have here is Bullshit Detector Vol. 4 inspired by 3 volumes made by Crass Records between 1980 and 1984. These compilations were first introduction to some of nowadays well known bands such as Amebix and Napalm Death among others. The compilation was compiled by Pablo who used to run Resistance Productions (Switzerland) and now is part of Strawberry Punx Records. It was co-released with Örmaal Records (Switzerland), Mass Media Records (USA) and Loony Tunes Records (UK).
This LP should be looked more as a D.I.Y. statement (just like the original series, only this time it's international) rather than selection of someones favourite bands. I must add that there was no selection of the bands. It's first 36 bands that submitted their material. The only rule was that they had decent lyrics and no previous vinyl release.
The music is recorded by the bands/artists/projects at various places between 1988 and 1994 and the quality of the stuff here is often very, very bad (music and recording-vise), but there are some very good bands too. Some of them already appeared here such as Headache, Recusant, Katastrofialue and Naked Aggression.
What Bullshit Detector compilations mean to people can be seen in Naked Aggression's cheating their way to a compilation despite already having vinyl outputs by changing their name to Naked A's. The track appeared later that year on split 7" with Aus-Rotten. I remember laughin' my ass off when I saw that.
Now you can proceed to download if you want, but be warned, as the record itself states: Quality is shit, the bands can't play.

Released: 1994
Label: Resistance Productions, Örmaal Records, Mass Media Records, Loony Tunes Records
Size: 178 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Hated - Gusundheit
02. Orange World - Disneyfuck
03. Necrosis - Show Me The Pure
04. Pille Allein - No Fun
05. G.U.R.K. - Ausbeuten
06. Putang-I-Nas - Radioactive Survival
07. Eric D. Thompson - An Honest Pledge
08. Little Zomki - Copies Conformes
09. Valtiokontrolli - Sairas Ihminen
10. Cheese Police - Arsholes
11. Nallekerho - Oikeutta Alkuperäiskansoille
12. Recusant - Organised Murder On A Conveyor Belt
13. Shadowed Veil - America The Beautiful
14. Katastrofialue - Päätä Vailla
15. Freak Show - Handled World
16. Autumn Poison - Utopia A New World In Our Hearts
17. Primitiv Bunko - Certifié Conforme
18. Agente Laranja - Racista
19. Homo Erectus - Anarchy
20. Faster Than Sheep - Bitch
21. Pichismo - Ne Ricevos Ŝtato Ĉuron
22. Yan - Heavy Metal Music
23. Mash'm - U.N.
24. Inokentijs Marpls - Demokratiska Dziesma
25. Marichuana - Mes Pritariam Visiems Antifašistiniams Apsireiškimams!
26. Protest - War
27. Steine Fur Den Frieden - Free?
28. Antitude - Hey, Mister President
29. Armed Revolution - Corporate Slave
30. Gruuthaagy - Start Insane
31. Headache - Die!
32. Love, Chips & Peace - Royal Family
33. Apatridi - Camino Para Guerra
34. Parkaj Mental - Soldat Amerikkkain
35. Naked A's - You're A Disgrace
36. Mi-Asma - The Dirtiest Game (War)

download part 1, part 2

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Absolute Zero s/t 7"

I got this 7" (with some more records) after my friends' sister stopped being punk and didn't needed her records anymore. It didn't quite catch on me at first, but now that I've listened to it for the second time, I actually quite like it.
Unfortunately, I don't know nothing about them except that they're from Portland, so, if you know something more, feel free to add some more info.

Released: 1996
Label: Allied Recordings
Size: 21 MB

01. No Escape
02. The End
03. S.O.S. (Same Old Song)
04. On Me


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nula/E.M.S. split LP

As requested by Mikxxx, here's split LP by Nula from Croatia and E.M.S. (Ego Means Survival) from Austria.
Nula were flagbearers of 90s anarcho punk scene in ex-Yu and you can read a bit more about them in the last Nula post. This is their last release if I'm not wrong because they had a long break and now are gigging again. Here they offer six of their songs which were also released on tape as split with Bagger who contributed their side of split LP with Lieselotte.
And for E.M.S., I'll do a bit of copy/paste from pages of their Bloodshed666 label.
E.M.S. were band from Waidhofen/Ybbs in Lower-Austria and they were influenced by the austrian d.i.y.-punk/hardcore-scene in the mid-90ies with bands like Kurort and Those Who Survived The Plague who had a big impact on the bands development, their way of working and their political positions. On this LP they present their old school stylish powerviolence / melodic hc / emo-core - mixture.
Oh, yes! If you're wondering who's the punk skeletor on the cover, it's Vedran, the drummer of Nula and Radikal Dub Kolektiv.

Released: 2001
Label: Paranoia!, Trujaca Fala, Terrorrecord, Humanita Nova, Bloodshed666
Size: 97 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Nula - Znaj Za Kraj
02. Nula - Vidija San...
03. Nula - Ispiranje Mozga Otvoreno Non-Stop 00-24h (Sva Sreća Da Nemam Ni Jebene Kinte U Džepu)
04. Nula - Put
05. Nula - Zlo
06. Nula - Krivi Smo
07. E.M.S. - Kleinbürger
08. E.M.S. - Hiebe
09. E.M.S. - The Saw Is Family
10. E.M.S. - I Hate
11. E.M.S. - Der Mensch, Des Menschen Wolf / Wrath (Sommerhit '99)
12. E.M.S. - Freiheit
13. E.M.S. - Einfach Wegschauen
14. E.M.S. - Tod / Amok


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Schwartzeneggar "Live In Slovenia" 7"

I guess there's no point in writing much about Schwartzeneggar as you all know that it's an all-star anarcho affair with people from Crass, Thatcher On Acid and Conflict.
What's interesting about this release is the fact that it has songs that are not on any of the studio records. I have them all on vinyl, so I'm not sure about the CDs. Feel free to fill me in.
Anyway, this plays the same two songs on both sides and is recorded live at mighty MKNŽ club in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia (so you can be sure that the sound is great) on 27/10/1995. Discogs page says that it came free with Fear & Loathing fanzine. Well, not in my case, but never mind.
OK. I guess that'll be it. Enjoy.

Released: 1996
Label: Fear & Loathing fanzine
Size: 9 MB

01. New World, New Song
02. I Want My Life


Thursday, July 22, 2010

VA "Riot On Ramsay St."

I got the idea for posting this compilation after a post on the Mad Blasts Of Chaos blog.
This is benefit compilation for Barricade Books, an anarchist book and info shop located in East Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. Since this CD is quite poorly done info-wise (incorrect and incomplete tracklist on the cover, quite confusing booklet...), I can only guess that the bookstore published it 'cause there's no info on that too.
But never mind that. Let's focus on the music.
Here you can find all sorts of music; from some Lo-Fi (or just plain weird) stuff through straight edge, punk, ska punk, folk punk to crust and even crust with a violin! It's definitely worth checking out if you're unfamiliar with Aussie punk scene like I am.

Released: 1996
Label: Barricade Books
Size: 165 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Wrong Body - Unnatural
02. The Scoops - Crazy Brick
03. H-Block - 21
04. Richard Watts - I Am Such An Egoist
05. Wonderfeel - Path Less Worn
06. Mutiny - Robin Hood
07. Self Reliance - Choose
08. Phobia - Refuse The System
09. A.S.V.U. - No Retreat, No Surrender
10. Stand Against - Flinders St. Station Interegation
11. Human Error - Punk As... Who Cares?
12. Human Error - Are You Really Happy With The Life That Was Chosen For You?
13. Walsh St. Cop Killers - Advance Australia
14. Bastard Squad - Never Return
15. Dada Tribe - Apocalypse
16. Multiple Insertions - Fargone Bliss
17. Bilious Scum - A.D.I.C. (Race Murder)
18. Crux Of Love - Chernobyl Child
19. Poo Poo And The Million Dollar Man - Jesus Is Killing Me
20. Gerald - Trapped In A Box
21. Two Year Olds - Hole In Your Vision
22. Vicious Circle - Overdrive
23. Insyte - Squat


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Johann Wolfgang Pozoj "Birth Of Pozoj"

Johann Wolfgang Pozoj are my favorite band from Croatia for the last couple of years. They formed after two crust bands (Intoxicate and Grob) disbanded and joined forces to create different kinds of music. JWP play excellent ambiental black doom? metal (or sympho-crust as they used to call it).
I'm not an expert on this genre 'cause I listen to a dozen of black metal bands tops, but this is truly great stuff, believe me. It was hard to decide which track to put in the player here because to me, the album is one whole part and I've just picked one song out without thinking. I just knew it wouldn't be the first track since it's over half an hour long, but don't let that put you off, because I used to play the album over and over again.
The album is part of the trilogy: Birth Of Pozoj, Escape Of Pozoj and Return Of Pozoj. Pozoj is some kind of demonic rooster from old folk tales in Samobor, the town they're from, which escaped to the woods when people settled there. The idea of the band is to disband after finishing the trilogy, but I surely hope that they'll change their mind.
During a berbecue at my friends' about two months ago, Fabek, the guitar player of the band said to me it's OK to post the album here and he also said that they're about to sign to Code666 Records from Italy which are specialised in avant-garde metal. If I remember right, Code666 will re-release this and the second album (which was their own DIY release and I guess you'll be able to get ahold of it still). Also, Code666 will release the final album in trilogy too, so put aside some cash for it when it all comes out.
The band members also play in True (death metal with Croatian national instrument - tambura) and Musica Ex Machina (electronica/trance/ambient).

Released: 2007
Label: Progressive Attack Records
Size: 153 MB

01. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
02. Queen Emeraldas
03. Autodistraktiv
04. Hisperia
05. Outro


Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother Night "Extinct Dialects" EP

I haven't checked my e-mail for a few weeks, and now I've found this: Mother Night, the band from New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.
Joel, the drummer of this band asked me if I could host their new demo on my blog, so I gave it a listen and loved it enough to try to help the guys out. He described the band as 3-piece instrumental noise/math/doom band and their MySpace says they're grime/psychedelic/shoegaze. Since I'm quite an ignorant on music genres (for one of these I've never even heard of before), I'll let you decide what kind of music they're playing. During the more frantic melodies, they remind me a bit of Raped Teenagers.
This is released in limited run of 200 copies and is also available as free download in all flavors of music formats you prefer right here. Here you have 320 kbps mp3 version.

Released: 2010
Label: Limbus Infantus Records
Size: 42 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Chief Diamond Phillips
02. Ghost Orchid
03. Dawnstrider
04. Cosmocolori
05. Moth Voices
06. Gently Leaning Towards The Nearest Black Hole
07. While In A Collapsing Tunnel


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ciderfex/The Chineapple Punx split 7"

Here's a little slab of punk rock with a good sense of fun to break almost two months of silence here. A lot of things are happening here.
Anyway, here's split of these two High Wycombe bands who play punk with a healthy dose of humour. Give this a listen and thanks again to Janša since this is his record too.

Released: 1996
Label: Dual Cabbageway Records
Size: 27 MB

01. Ciderfex - Bastard
02. Ciderfex - The Pope Song
03. Ciderfex - Mad Dog Ken
04. The Chineapple Punx - Dig
05. The Chineapple Punx - Our Friend Arthur
06. The Chineapple Punx - Riot Cop Diet Cop


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ayaksvoksom "Démo 2"

I've got mail from Guilhem from this French outfit called Ayaksvoksom. They play a bit metallized oldschool grindcore and I like their sound even though I've never been an avid grindcore fan. This is their second demo, as you can see from the name and they had one more demo in 2007 with three songs that also apeared on this demo.
Anyway, here are the words of the man from the band:
I am Guilhem, AYAKSVOKSOM’s guitarist, a band from the suburb of Paris, and we have released our 9 tracks demo in June 2009.
It’s a homemade and self released stuff.
AYAKSVOKSOM is 5 guys gathering their influences (Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Thrash, Death, and Grind); we called it “Rotten Sick Core”.
Hope you’ll enjoy our tunes and help us to spread our stuff.
Cheers from France

Released: 2009
Label: DIY
Size: 44 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Quart D’heure De Gloire
02. La Grande Kermesse
03. Peuple Docile
04. Développement Létal
05. République Bananière De France
06. Ad Lib
07. Smith & Heston
08. Poudre Aux Yeux
09. Ode Aux Banquiers Et À Nos Amis PDG Du CAC 40


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nonsense "Red I Rad"

First of all, sorry to Kukatz for being so slow (senile) with posting this here.
Nonsense is band from Požega, Croatia formed in 1993. They were one of the bands featured in the only issue of the zine that I made in 1995 if my memory serves me right. Back then the members were Kktz, Gera and Chucha (who had to leave the band very early due to obligatory army service). They played noisy grind crust and eventually disbanded and focused on many other projects/bands.
In 2008 they got together again and now Nonsense is actually two bands. One with Gera, Kktz and Dena (and Mata who joined in 2009) which is playing thrashing hardcore in the vein of 80s ex-Yu bands and the other with Kktz and Janez from Belgrade, Serbia that make noisecore and have already released 100+ songs on their demos.
This demo is from the thrashcore one. The songs are re-workings of their old stuff, covers of some of their bands from 90s, two covers of ex-Yu 80s bands: UBR (Slovenia) and Ženevski Dekret (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and mandatory Discharge cover (with a twist). No fancy production here. Just raw hardcore punk that rips throughout all of its 6 minutes.
Požega scene has always been one of the strongest ones in Croatia and the members of Nonsense played in far too many bands/projects for me to try to remember all, so I'll just mention a few so you can check them out too: Dislike, Hellback, Gruuthaagy, Bad Justice, Fight Back, T.R.B.U.H., No Name...........

Released: 2008
Label: DIY
Size: 10 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Živim Kao Pseto
02. Sada
03. Nacija
04. Tko Je Tvoj Neprijatelj?
05. U.B.R.
06. Vidim Krv
07. It's No TV Sketch


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vaffan Coulo "Di-Gymraeg Yng Nghymru" 7"

I don't know anything about this band except that they were punk band from small city of Bangor, Wales, formed in 1991 and disbanded in 1998. I've found that this 7" is sometimes reffered to as "Rich Woman" 7", but front cover says "Di-Gymraeg Yng Nghymru" so I'll call it like this. From the few things that I've found on the web it seems that they've been quite popular. You can find a couple of more songs on their MySpace and a video for Rich Woman. Any more info on the band is welcome. And if you don't know what their name means, your Italian sucks.

Released: 1995
Label: Madryn Cyfngedig
Size: 25 MB

01. Di-Gymraeg Yng Nghymru
02. Rich Woman Will You Marry Me?
03. O.J. Simpson


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ex-Cathedra/Machine Gun Etiquette/Nutcase 3-way split LP

I've planned to rip this record for quite some time now, but it always somehow slipped under the radar. Since Ex-Cathedra were mentioned in the last post and also a friend of mine kicked off with his Nečista Savjest blog after ten month break with their "2x4=" CD (which contains their songs from this record) it's about time to give it to you.
As you probably know, Ex-Cathedra were great punk/ska band from Glasgow, Scotland and are most known band of the three. After their disbanding, the members played in Fleas & Lice and all-star dub/punk supergroup Suicide Bid (actually it's more of a collective than band that also features people from King Prawn, The Filaments, P.A.I.N, Inner Terrestrials, Deathskulls, Sonic Boom 6...). I'm not in the mood for writing biography, so you'll have to do with this (it's google translated from czech).
Machine Gun Etiquette (called after The Damned album) were their hometown (drinking) buddies and they've quite often exchanged members which resulted in them playing punk with a bit of ska here and there too. They had split 10" with Juggling Jugulars, later became Scunnered and that's about all I could find out 'bout them.
Nutcase were from Kiel, Germany and I like them least. Some songs are OK - some not and scottish punks take the win here. I guess that this record was another product of a couple of bands touring together. The label Trapdoor Recordz who released this is also from Kiel.
OK. Now go 'n' get it.

Released: 1996
Label: Trapdoor Recordz
Size: 92 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Machine Gun Etiquette - Reasons
02. Nutcase - Human Type Thing
03. Ex-Cathedra - Rwanda pt. 1
04. Machine Gun Etiquette - Work 2 Die
05. Nutcase - Nightmare
06. Ex-Cathedra - No Time To Be Young
07. Machine Gun Etiquette - Suckered
08. Nutcase - Hollywood
09. Nutcase - Die Zeiten...
10. Ex-Cathedra - Critical Eye
11. Machine Gun Etiquette - Boredom Factor 10
12. Nutcase - Disappointed vs. Diskock
13. Ex-Cathedra - Got No Answers
14. Machine Gun Etiquette - Frontline
15. Nutcase - ST&M
16. Ex-Cathedra - Rwanda pt. 2


Monday, February 1, 2010

VA "Gore Gore Girls volume 2" 7"

Lately I'm going through some records that I've hardly ever played and this is one of such. I believe that I got this one from someone, but I guess that too much alcohol in those days have done its job and my memory is quite bad, so I guess I'll never know how I got this.
This is (as the title says) second of the Gore Gore Girls compilation series which included female bands. Volume 1 included Xenolith Oger (Japan), Women From Hell (USA) and Roadrunners (Sweden). As far as I could find out from the New Wave Records site this 7" is their last release until 2002 and 7" by Cojoba from Puerto Rico. Since I like to google a bit before posting, there are few more facts that maybe you'd like to know, New Wave Records was (still is?) French label formed in 1983 and it was also a zine (last issue in 2007?).
And now back to this record. The bands on it are Voodoo Dolls from Coimbra, Portugal, Uneven from Saint-Etienne, France, X-Syndicate from Pantin, France and PMT from Norwich, UK. Voodoo Dolls play surf/horror punk/psychobilly? mix, two French bands are heaviest and they play hardcore punk. Uneven are kind of slowish and they somehow don't hold my attention while X-Syndicate sound much better to me and the vocalist reminds me a bit of singer Tati (Day By Day, Lost World...). PMT play punk with ska bits thrown in and they are actually the only band I knew before since I had their "In Tomato Sauce" tape. Later their saxophone player Jenny went to play in Ex-Cathedra. If you want you can find their split 7" with Red Flag 77 here.

Released: 1998
Label: New Wave Records
Size: 26 MB

01. Voodoo Dolls - Blood Feast
02. Uneven - Did I Hear Right?
03. X-Syndicate - Damned It
04. PMT - Monopolize


Friday, January 29, 2010

Grotus "Edward Abbey/Cash Cow" 7"

Another one of rarely played records. In fact when I first bought it I have listened to it quite a bit, but it somehow always slipped from the listening line in next 15+ years. That is not strange since this is kinda industrial music and that's not my cup of tea (well-coffee, since I rarely drink tea too). Here and here you can find more extensive info on the band and I'll give you just a few words. They were from San Francisco, USA and this record is one of their first outputs (if not the first) their music was mainly labeled as industrial, but there were lot of other musical genres present and they became quite popular among wide circles of music fans and their second LP came out on Alternative Tentacles. After that, during post-Nirvana major label craze for indie bands they were signed by London Records which was very short affair since they were not actually "hit" material. They disbanded in 1997 and their website describes major label stunt like this:
The band encourages all other groups to think carefully before going to major labels, and to really figure who can and will do what for you. Trust no one!
BTW - this single was benefit for Bay Area Earth First!

Released: 1991
Label: Spirit Music Industries
Size: 15 MB

01. Edward Abbey
02. Cash Cow


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ropney Produkt s/t 7"

Another one that I haven't listened for quite a while. Ropney Produkt were Czech band that was quite a revelation to me as they were among first bands that brought me closer to more metal sound in hardcore. I don't know nothing about them except that they had one more live 7" and that's it. The music is sometimes slow and heavy and sometimes faster and it's in fact more metal than hardcore punk, crust or whatever. If you like bands like Acid Rain Dance and similar then you could like this. What I find interesting on this record is short solo done with trumpet instead of guitar on song Samota. All in all, this is one nice record that should have it's place in everyone's collection.

Released: 1993
Label: Vegan Protest
Size: 34 MB

01. Intro
02. Tvoje Smrt
03. Samota
04. Malá Planeta
05. V Zajetí Těla


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Olotila "Oy Imatran Voima" EP

This is EP by Finnish band that has dual Fe/Male vocals and they play hardcore punk that sounds melodic because of the fact that they have a saxophone among their instruments. This record somehow doesn't quite do it for me, but I know for the fact that a lot of people really liked this record when it was out. I think that I'd like it more if it was saxless (heh), it could all sound quite dirtier, but it surely gives me pleasure to hear Dezerter song in such arrangement and in Finnish.
Try it, you could really dig this.

Released: 1995
Label: Assent Records
Size: 40 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. IVO
02. Orpo
03. Smurffi-Vaara
04. Hetken Hiljaisuus
05. Katharsis
06. Tulevaisuuteen (Dezerter cover)
07. Luonnon Puolesta (live)
08. Annos Elämälle (live)
09. Jälkeen