Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ropney Produkt s/t 7"

Another one that I haven't listened for quite a while. Ropney Produkt were Czech band that was quite a revelation to me as they were among first bands that brought me closer to more metal sound in hardcore. I don't know nothing about them except that they had one more live 7" and that's it. The music is sometimes slow and heavy and sometimes faster and it's in fact more metal than hardcore punk, crust or whatever. If you like bands like Acid Rain Dance and similar then you could like this. What I find interesting on this record is short solo done with trumpet instead of guitar on song Samota. All in all, this is one nice record that should have it's place in everyone's collection.

Released: 1993
Label: Vegan Protest
Size: 34 MB

01. Intro
02. Tvoje Smrt
03. Samota
04. Malá Planeta
05. V Zajetí Těla


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Anonymous said...

For those who are still interested in the vinyl version, it is still available through REACT
you can see its distro list on