Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ayaksvoksom "Démo 2"

I've got mail from Guilhem from this French outfit called Ayaksvoksom. They play a bit metallized oldschool grindcore and I like their sound even though I've never been an avid grindcore fan. This is their second demo, as you can see from the name and they had one more demo in 2007 with three songs that also apeared on this demo.
Anyway, here are the words of the man from the band:
I am Guilhem, AYAKSVOKSOM’s guitarist, a band from the suburb of Paris, and we have released our 9 tracks demo in June 2009.
It’s a homemade and self released stuff.
AYAKSVOKSOM is 5 guys gathering their influences (Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Thrash, Death, and Grind); we called it “Rotten Sick Core”.
Hope you’ll enjoy our tunes and help us to spread our stuff.
Cheers from France

Released: 2009
Label: DIY
Size: 44 MB

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01. Quart D’heure De Gloire
02. La Grande Kermesse
03. Peuple Docile
04. Développement Létal
05. République Bananière De France
06. Ad Lib
07. Smith & Heston
08. Poudre Aux Yeux
09. Ode Aux Banquiers Et À Nos Amis PDG Du CAC 40