Friday, January 27, 2012

Nonsense "Prazan Pogled"

Few more news that I got recently.
I've already written about Nonsense in my last post about them so go there to find more about the band. Now I'm informing you that they've recorded new EP called Prazan Pogled (Empty Stare) and you can get it for free here or from Wasted Potentials blog where you can also find all the news about bands from Požega. If you like 80s sounding dirty hardcore punk, you'll like them. They plan to release this on CD and if possible some other format. We'll see.
Also, Internal Autonomy discography double CD is out so check out this post's comments to find out more.

Released: 2012
Label: DIY
Size: 20 MB

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01. Primitivna Provincija
02. Moral
03. Hvala
04. Kolektivno Ludilo
05. Plodovi Pakla
06. Osuda
07. Bijelo Roblje
08. When All Golden Turned To Shit (Impaled Nazarene cover)