Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nonsense "Red I Rad"

First of all, sorry to Kukatz for being so slow (senile) with posting this here.
Nonsense is band from Požega, Croatia formed in 1993. They were one of the bands featured in the only issue of the zine that I made in 1995 if my memory serves me right. Back then the members were Kktz, Gera and Chucha (who had to leave the band very early due to obligatory army service). They played noisy grind crust and eventually disbanded and focused on many other projects/bands.
In 2008 they got together again and now Nonsense is actually two bands. One with Gera, Kktz and Dena (and Mata who joined in 2009) which is playing thrashing hardcore in the vein of 80s ex-Yu bands and the other with Kktz and Janez from Belgrade, Serbia that make noisecore and have already released 100+ songs on their demos.
This demo is from the thrashcore one. The songs are re-workings of their old stuff, covers of some of their bands from 90s, two covers of ex-Yu 80s bands: UBR (Slovenia) and Ženevski Dekret (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and mandatory Discharge cover (with a twist). No fancy production here. Just raw hardcore punk that rips throughout all of its 6 minutes.
Požega scene has always been one of the strongest ones in Croatia and the members of Nonsense played in far too many bands/projects for me to try to remember all, so I'll just mention a few so you can check them out too: Dislike, Hellback, Gruuthaagy, Bad Justice, Fight Back, T.R.B.U.H., No Name...........

Released: 2008
Label: DIY
Size: 10 MB

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01. Živim Kao Pseto
02. Sada
03. Nacija
04. Tko Je Tvoj Neprijatelj?
05. U.B.R.
06. Vidim Krv
07. It's No TV Sketch



kktz said...

hvala stari!

Malisha Old 666 said...

Nema frke. Bilo bi ovo tu i prije da mozak radi kako valja.

Anonymous said...

malisha care, lijepo si nas opisao.hvala brate, a i strava da se 15 godina od zinea i vjua još bakćemo korčinom. respect.
axegrinder požega

Malisha Old 666 said...

Kad nikako da skontamo da je Bijelo Dugme prava stvar. He-he. Nemoš starog konja naučiti...