Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vaffan Coulo "Di-Gymraeg Yng Nghymru" 7"

I don't know anything about this band except that they were punk band from small city of Bangor, Wales, formed in 1991 and disbanded in 1998. I've found that this 7" is sometimes reffered to as "Rich Woman" 7", but front cover says "Di-Gymraeg Yng Nghymru" so I'll call it like this. From the few things that I've found on the web it seems that they've been quite popular. You can find a couple of more songs on their MySpace and a video for Rich Woman. Any more info on the band is welcome. And if you don't know what their name means, your Italian sucks.

Released: 1995
Label: Madryn Cyfngedig
Size: 25 MB

01. Di-Gymraeg Yng Nghymru
02. Rich Woman Will You Marry Me?
03. O.J. Simpson



7inchcrust said...

ahahahahha! great name!, in Greek this is "ante gamisou"

Anonymous said...

hey guys, I'm kerzy the bass player - definitely feel free to download the single, here's a couple more tunes:
keep punk spirit alive
Kerz x

Malisha Old 666 said...

Hello, Kerzy.
Thanks for dropping a line. Since my initial searches for info on the band weren't too fruitful, if you want, you could write a bio about the band and I could add it to the post. That'd be really nice.

Anonymous said...

sure man, not much on the net apart from a couple of Myspace sites with some extra songs:

rifle (vox, gtr), Bicko (gtr), Mikey (drums), Kerz (bass).
Debut at Ffridd Bar in Bangor. Thrown off for playing song called Shit Student Wankers, police called etc.

Tours of Spain & Holland ’96,‘97 almost killed the band.

Videos for TV: "Rhedeg I Dwygylfylchi" for S4C; "Rich Woman Will You Marry Me" for Electric Chair on HTV; "Hwyl a Helynt" for S4C.

Three Radio Cymru sessions plus loads of interviews an the usual gubbins.

Selected releases:

1994: "Vaffan Coulo Yn Goch"(Madryn 015) - 4 song EP.
1995: "Rich Woman Will You Marry Me/OJ Simpson/Di Gymraeg Yng Nghymru"(Madryn 016) - Triple A sided 7".
1995: "Cowboys Cymru" (no cat) - album for Mid Wales record label, which I've never actually seen but am told exists. Any ideas?
1996: "Fast Multiplying In The Skin" (Extune/Tontrager) - split 12" with German band Ultra Orange on German label.
1996: "Vaffan Coulo" - import LP on Crime Recs (Slovenia)
1995: "Jobs 4 The Bois" - free flexi soundclash with dance producer Johnny R, rel as a ltd edition of 1200 on the front of Sothach! magazine, some of which were given free with the Rich Woman... 7".

After something in the region of 150 gigs in the UK and Europe the band split in 1998.