Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ex-Cathedra/Machine Gun Etiquette/Nutcase 3-way split LP

I've planned to rip this record for quite some time now, but it always somehow slipped under the radar. Since Ex-Cathedra were mentioned in the last post and also a friend of mine kicked off with his Nečista Savjest blog after ten month break with their "2x4=" CD (which contains their songs from this record) it's about time to give it to you.
As you probably know, Ex-Cathedra were great punk/ska band from Glasgow, Scotland and are most known band of the three. After their disbanding, the members played in Fleas & Lice and all-star dub/punk supergroup Suicide Bid (actually it's more of a collective than band that also features people from King Prawn, The Filaments, P.A.I.N, Inner Terrestrials, Deathskulls, Sonic Boom 6...). I'm not in the mood for writing biography, so you'll have to do with this (it's google translated from czech).
Machine Gun Etiquette (called after The Damned album) were their hometown (drinking) buddies and they've quite often exchanged members which resulted in them playing punk with a bit of ska here and there too. They had split 10" with Juggling Jugulars, later became Scunnered and that's about all I could find out 'bout them.
Nutcase were from Kiel, Germany and I like them least. Some songs are OK - some not and scottish punks take the win here. I guess that this record was another product of a couple of bands touring together. The label Trapdoor Recordz who released this is also from Kiel.
OK. Now go 'n' get it.

Released: 1996
Label: Trapdoor Recordz
Size: 92 MB

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01. Machine Gun Etiquette - Reasons
02. Nutcase - Human Type Thing
03. Ex-Cathedra - Rwanda pt. 1
04. Machine Gun Etiquette - Work 2 Die
05. Nutcase - Nightmare
06. Ex-Cathedra - No Time To Be Young
07. Machine Gun Etiquette - Suckered
08. Nutcase - Hollywood
09. Nutcase - Die Zeiten...
10. Ex-Cathedra - Critical Eye
11. Machine Gun Etiquette - Boredom Factor 10
12. Nutcase - Disappointed vs. Diskock
13. Ex-Cathedra - Got No Answers
14. Machine Gun Etiquette - Frontline
15. Nutcase - ST&M
16. Ex-Cathedra - Rwanda pt. 2


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