Saturday, June 27, 2009

Internal Autonomy "Inquiry" LP

First of all I have to say that this is not my rip and I've put it here because someone said that it is no longer available on Hardcore Braindeath blog (true, and it looks that all the posts from it are unavailable) where I've found it and linked in my last Internal Autonomy post. Since there's not much info on the band on the web and someone asked for this album two weeks ago I've decided to put it here. It'd be a shame for this to be lost for new listeners since peace punk can be so unoriginal and boring and this is not either one. You can find tiny bit more info on the band in the last post and now go get this.
Thanks to Mike of All Go No Slow! for sending the picture of the LP cover.

Released: 1990
Label: Recordrom Records
Size: 64 MB

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01. Trapped
02. LSD
03. Poor Little Rich Girls
04. The Uprising
05. Breakout
06. On Your Marx
07. Feminine Duty
08. On The Edge
09. The Inquiry
10. Sing Or Swim
11. Celebration
12. Awayday To Auschwitz



irishdave said...

You, m'dear, are a hero! I wouldn't be concerned about it taking 10 days to get posted - I seem to post and then be exhausted for a fortnight these days. I have stuff uploaded, just cant get motivated to actually blog. I blame the serious heat.
Thanks for this - I'll be under a tree by a river listening to this all day.

mike said...

I've got this one... will take a pic and email it to you soon... Great LP, have you heard the Indian Dream "Orca" 12"? Another excellent peace punk record that reminds me of this one.... Thanks for all the tunes and keep up the good work!

durruti said...

Nice upload mate! I like IA very much and have been waiting for someone to do this for ages.


NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe put this on your links:

thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


in 'DELUXE' gatefold digipac with 12 page booklet
"Internal Autonomy first appeared around the mid-80s, inspired by the anarcho-punk movement but not confined by it either, and over the next decade produced several cassettes and vinyl releases on labels such as Bluurg, Recordrom, Profane Existence, Words of Warning (and, of course, Front Cover when it was a tiny cassette label back in the day), creating a very diverse catalogue of music that refused to tie itself to conservative ideas of what punk was supposed to be or how it was meant to sound. IA could do hardcore punk if they wanted but also accoustic pieces, introspective dark and gothic passages, spoken word, ska or even a touch of jazz if it suited them and they couldn't care less what it meant because they didn't want to be in the charts or to be the latest hip punkers in town on the front of every fanzine. The words were always passionate and anarchistic in the true sense of the word and lyrically they raised the bar while many punk bands were still shouting rehashed Clash and Crass lyrics ten years after in all their well-rehearsed anger!
This is the first time the band has appeared on CD but rather than merely copy the records in chronological order what you get is a selection lifted from all the 1/4inch cassette and vinyl master tapes including tracks from the first album, all the singles, rare compilation tracks, tracks from the unreleased 2nd album and 4 brand new recordings especially for this project (43 in all!). All tracks have been digitally remastered and painstakingly restored but not so that they're smothered by technology - rather they sound crisp and clear the way they were originally meant to rather than muffled by noise reduction and hip production techniques."
Danny, Back2Front 'zine.
"Dark and fucking moody ... like what Black Flag tried to experiment with, but failed"
Henry Rollins.

"quite beautiful"
Ramsey Kanaan.

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