Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VA "Egg-Mangel" LP

Since I'll be watching gigs on the coast really soon, I thought that live LP post should fit just fine. I'm not such a big fan of live records, but this one is really good. Summer lazyness has really kicked in, so this post is it's product. I've split the records in five pieces - one per band because I coldn't be arsed to split them into tracks and haven't even tried to write anything, so I just OCRd text by Jan of Your Own Jailer Records who made this record (and the gig). Here it goes:
It was a very hot summerday the 15th of June 1986 when the people dressed in black came strolling across the fields towards my home, which also were the place for the gig, the Eggeby Farm. Some were extremely warm in their crust attributes; leather jackets, leather pants and boots. And so the general mood was more apathetic than usual, it was so fucking hot. There wasn't particularly many people seen in this position which were rather unexpected since that was still usual back in those days. Everyone knew that it was a drugfree gig, since we had written that on the postes, so many people thought it was no idea going to the show if they couldn't drink. Not even the free admission could make people think about the music instead of the booze. I had been given a large sum of money, measured in punk standards, 5000 SEK for the sound system and 5000 SEK for bandcosts.
The whole thing was recorded on two channels through the mixing console on ordinary cassettes. Some of the songs were brand new so I had to write the bands to get all the correct songtitles. One year later it was released as a 98 minute comp. tape, made in about 250 copys.
I still think that the recording has great value because of it's exeptionally good sound qality. Also, some of the songs haven't even been released on vinyl or CD, so I thought that I'd release the shit on a record before the tapes got to demagnetized.
With the aid of a good equalizer, compressor and a good two-channel tape recorder I sat down to edit and master the shit. Through the good tape-compression that is available on analogue taperecorders the sound of some songs went out real good. I edited the whole concert which I now have on 1/4" analogue tapes. I have been cutting very much in the recording to get rid of as much "audience talk" as possible. I've thought this way, how fucking interesting is loads of Swedish talk about the beautiful weather, the drummers ass-sweat and Fredda Holmgren to Mr Kawakami in Japan or Bruno in Belgium? (Ok, some guys in Australia or Dan in Minneapolis might enjoy some Swedish shouts from the audience or talk between the songs, for use in some recording or just to learn some new words for a lyric or something.) I've thought that it is the music that is interesting. Sadly some of the "live feling" got lost after all the cuts (KRUNCH made it themselves by the way, they did not have any pauses between the songs). However, I've tried to put in as much music as possible without affecting the sound quality.
Jan "Jutte" Jutila

Released: 1995
Label: Your Own Jailer Records
Size: 104 MB

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Svart Parad

Nukleärt Hot
Avskaffa Alla Jobb
Samhället & Staten
Det Sista Kriget


Tro Hopp & Kärlek
Jag Är Inte


Tänk På Döden
Från Slakt Till Makt


Rik Skit
Skjut En Baptist
Världskrig III
Jag Hatar Mitt Jobb
Jesus Var En Tomte
Jehovas Vittnen

Raped Teenagers

Sveriges Utveckling
Tomma Ord


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