Monday, June 15, 2009

Katastrofialue "Oikeutettu Viha" LP

This one comes from a plastic bag that's been sitting around my place for about a year. A friend of mine who runs Nečista Savjest blog gave me his records to rip them since he hasn't got turntable anymore. And since I'm so lazy (well, busy sounds better) I somehow managed to forget about them, but that's about to change.
Here you have finnish crust mayhem that needs no description if you are familiar with the sound of finnish hardcore punk. Expect nothing but crazy ride throughout the total of 21 tracks. LP cover says that there's 20 tracks, but thanks to the lyric sheet I've found the name of the last track.
On the web you'll mostly find that it was released by Ecocentric Records from Germany, but it is a co-production with Vacuum Records (USA), Spirale Objective (Australia), Panx (France), K-Baal (Holland) and Dolores Records (Sweden).

Released: 1996
Label: Ecocentric Records
Size: 78 MB

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01. Vastarinta
02. Tuomioistuin
03. Kapinointia
04. Syy Ja Seuraus
05. Sätkynuken Hermoromahdus
06. Salainen Nautinto
07. Oikeutettu Viha
08. Raivo Mieleni Valtaa
09. Jumalan Hylkäämä Kusipää
10. Joukkolobotomia
11. Hakaristi
12. Hajoa Tai Kuole
13. Järjetön Utopia
14. Valtakunta
15. Kahleet
16. Ruumis Vuokralla
17. Pessimistin Muotokuva
18. Moraalinvartijat
19. Ei Enempää
20. Turha Ihminen
21. Pommitus


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m. said...

e disc was done by Ecocentric Records. the otheres "just" where distributers -- some among otheres!