Thursday, July 22, 2010

VA "Riot On Ramsay St."

I got the idea for posting this compilation after a post on the Mad Blasts Of Chaos blog.
This is benefit compilation for Barricade Books, an anarchist book and info shop located in East Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. Since this CD is quite poorly done info-wise (incorrect and incomplete tracklist on the cover, quite confusing booklet...), I can only guess that the bookstore published it 'cause there's no info on that too.
But never mind that. Let's focus on the music.
Here you can find all sorts of music; from some Lo-Fi (or just plain weird) stuff through straight edge, punk, ska punk, folk punk to crust and even crust with a violin! It's definitely worth checking out if you're unfamiliar with Aussie punk scene like I am.

Released: 1996
Label: Barricade Books
Size: 165 MB

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01. Wrong Body - Unnatural
02. The Scoops - Crazy Brick
03. H-Block - 21
04. Richard Watts - I Am Such An Egoist
05. Wonderfeel - Path Less Worn
06. Mutiny - Robin Hood
07. Self Reliance - Choose
08. Phobia - Refuse The System
09. A.S.V.U. - No Retreat, No Surrender
10. Stand Against - Flinders St. Station Interegation
11. Human Error - Punk As... Who Cares?
12. Human Error - Are You Really Happy With The Life That Was Chosen For You?
13. Walsh St. Cop Killers - Advance Australia
14. Bastard Squad - Never Return
15. Dada Tribe - Apocalypse
16. Multiple Insertions - Fargone Bliss
17. Bilious Scum - A.D.I.C. (Race Murder)
18. Crux Of Love - Chernobyl Child
19. Poo Poo And The Million Dollar Man - Jesus Is Killing Me
20. Gerald - Trapped In A Box
21. Two Year Olds - Hole In Your Vision
22. Vicious Circle - Overdrive
23. Insyte - Squat


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GeoffBuZZnik said...

Hi there, this is Geoff AKA Bilious Scum with a couple of notes for you. The CD was published by Barricade books believe and the run was 500. The anarchists from the bookshop organised it, and the artists donated their tracks. There was a follow up CD in 1997 I think, called the Leonid Peltier benefit CD, organised the same but with money's going to towards freeing a long serving prisoner and native American. The names of the organisers can be found via the SUWA show on 3CR in Melbourne. I prefer not to name them on the internet, as privacy is their call. Thanks for posting about this CD. A bit of trivia, I bought the last CD from the shop in 1997, and took it with me to Europe. In the Anarchist suburb of Copenhagen, I met the Cosmic Psychos who were playing there. I gave the very last copy to Ross while we were having some beers on their tab. He promised to get it played on Dutch radio but I am not sure if he did. Anyway that's trivia ... cheers