Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Johann Wolfgang Pozoj "Birth Of Pozoj"

Johann Wolfgang Pozoj are my favorite band from Croatia for the last couple of years. They formed after two crust bands (Intoxicate and Grob) disbanded and joined forces to create different kinds of music. JWP play excellent ambiental black doom? metal (or sympho-crust as they used to call it).
I'm not an expert on this genre 'cause I listen to a dozen of black metal bands tops, but this is truly great stuff, believe me. It was hard to decide which track to put in the player here because to me, the album is one whole part and I've just picked one song out without thinking. I just knew it wouldn't be the first track since it's over half an hour long, but don't let that put you off, because I used to play the album over and over again.
The album is part of the trilogy: Birth Of Pozoj, Escape Of Pozoj and Return Of Pozoj. Pozoj is some kind of demonic rooster from old folk tales in Samobor, the town they're from, which escaped to the woods when people settled there. The idea of the band is to disband after finishing the trilogy, but I surely hope that they'll change their mind.
During a berbecue at my friends' about two months ago, Fabek, the guitar player of the band said to me it's OK to post the album here and he also said that they're about to sign to Code666 Records from Italy which are specialised in avant-garde metal. If I remember right, Code666 will re-release this and the second album (which was their own DIY release and I guess you'll be able to get ahold of it still). Also, Code666 will release the final album in trilogy too, so put aside some cash for it when it all comes out.
The band members also play in True (death metal with Croatian national instrument - tambura) and Musica Ex Machina (electronica/trance/ambient).

Released: 2007
Label: Progressive Attack Records
Size: 153 MB

01. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
02. Queen Emeraldas
03. Autodistraktiv
04. Hisperia
05. Outro


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7inchcrust said...

its this mixed genre incl. black metal and crust. Agrimonia is the first band that comes to mind. i didn't listen the entire record yet but 'Queen Emeraldas' and 'Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes' are really good