Thursday, November 25, 2010

VA "Bullshit Detector Vol. 4" 2xLP

OK. It's been over one month since my last post (again), so I've put the effort in ripping a double LP this time. That is also a bit of extra effort (by my standards) as today is 3 years since I started this blog and if you look at last year's b-day post, the things are more or less the same with top 10 posts, so I won't do it again.
What we have here is Bullshit Detector Vol. 4 inspired by 3 volumes made by Crass Records between 1980 and 1984. These compilations were first introduction to some of nowadays well known bands such as Amebix and Napalm Death among others. The compilation was compiled by Pablo who used to run Resistance Productions (Switzerland) and now is part of Strawberry Punx Records. It was co-released with Örmaal Records (Switzerland), Mass Media Records (USA) and Loony Tunes Records (UK).
This LP should be looked more as a D.I.Y. statement (just like the original series, only this time it's international) rather than selection of someones favourite bands. I must add that there was no selection of the bands. It's first 36 bands that submitted their material. The only rule was that they had decent lyrics and no previous vinyl release.
The music is recorded by the bands/artists/projects at various places between 1988 and 1994 and the quality of the stuff here is often very, very bad (music and recording-vise), but there are some very good bands too. Some of them already appeared here such as Headache, Recusant, Katastrofialue and Naked Aggression.
What Bullshit Detector compilations mean to people can be seen in Naked Aggression's cheating their way to a compilation despite already having vinyl outputs by changing their name to Naked A's. The track appeared later that year on split 7" with Aus-Rotten. I remember laughin' my ass off when I saw that.
Now you can proceed to download if you want, but be warned, as the record itself states: Quality is shit, the bands can't play.

Released: 1994
Label: Resistance Productions, Örmaal Records, Mass Media Records, Loony Tunes Records
Size: 178 MB

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01. Hated - Gusundheit
02. Orange World - Disneyfuck
03. Necrosis - Show Me The Pure
04. Pille Allein - No Fun
05. G.U.R.K. - Ausbeuten
06. Putang-I-Nas - Radioactive Survival
07. Eric D. Thompson - An Honest Pledge
08. Little Zomki - Copies Conformes
09. Valtiokontrolli - Sairas Ihminen
10. Cheese Police - Arsholes
11. Nallekerho - Oikeutta Alkuperäiskansoille
12. Recusant - Organised Murder On A Conveyor Belt
13. Shadowed Veil - America The Beautiful
14. Katastrofialue - Päätä Vailla
15. Freak Show - Handled World
16. Autumn Poison - Utopia A New World In Our Hearts
17. Primitiv Bunko - Certifié Conforme
18. Agente Laranja - Racista
19. Homo Erectus - Anarchy
20. Faster Than Sheep - Bitch
21. Pichismo - Ne Ricevos Ŝtato Ĉuron
22. Yan - Heavy Metal Music
23. Mash'm - U.N.
24. Inokentijs Marpls - Demokratiska Dziesma
25. Marichuana - Mes Pritariam Visiems Antifašistiniams Apsireiškimams!
26. Protest - War
27. Steine Fur Den Frieden - Free?
28. Antitude - Hey, Mister President
29. Armed Revolution - Corporate Slave
30. Gruuthaagy - Start Insane
31. Headache - Die!
32. Love, Chips & Peace - Royal Family
33. Apatridi - Camino Para Guerra
34. Parkaj Mental - Soldat Amerikkkain
35. Naked A's - You're A Disgrace
36. Mi-Asma - The Dirtiest Game (War)

download part 1, part 2


FriLLox said...

prva klasa !

imaš možda i nešto više od Love, Chips & Peace? tražim tražim a nema....

Malisha Old 666 said...

Na žalost, nemam ništa više od njih.

7inchcrust said...

just like the last years b-day i come late once again:happy b-day and best wishes and welcome to the 3-year-old-bloggers!!!

Malisha Old 666 said...

Thanks, man. Much appreciated.

Hardcore Por Vida said...

hey nice update. love the record. i've put up a link for your page on my blog. do you think you can link me too??