Thursday, October 2, 2008

Naked Aggression "Right Now" 7"

During the 90s these hollywood anarcho punks have been working their asses off and have been quite active touring, doing benefit gigs and recording. Their love for activist/political side of punk was shown when they cheated their way into Bullshit Detector 4 compilation done by swiss label Resistance Productions, Loony Tunes and two more. The thing with the Bullshit Detector compilations (same as 3 previous on Crass records) was that the bands on it had to have no previous vinyl release so they appeared on it by changing their name to Naked A's (that song later appeared on split 7" with Aus-Rotten). Clever.
Anyway, this is great band carrying some fine tunes and I used to listen to them quite a lot.
The 7" is untitled (on the cover) but the label site says it's called Right Now after the first song.
Here's their website, but I'm not sure if they're doing it since its quite uninformative / incomplete discography etc...
Here's live video from this year's gig in Köpi, Berlin.

Released: 1995
Label: Campary Records
Size: 22 MB

01. Right Now
02. Revolution Is On The Way
03. Revolt
04. Anthem



potress said...

e right now je bila i na onom no fate comp. cdu i to je bila jebeno najbolja stvar od onih 40+ bandova. bravo legendo:).
axegrinder požega:).

Malisha Old 666 said...

Istina. Tek sam sad skužil da uopće nisam nikada preslušao No Fate do kraja. Heh.

Nečista Savjest said...

Ima Naked Aggression i na onom The Decline OF Western Civilization part III dokumentarcu što sam od tebe spržio. Ako koga zanima...