Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unamused "Haven't You Been Deceived " LP

Unamused was political band from Portland, Oregon, USA. They had two 7"s and this LP and that's about all I know about them. Funny enough, that's all that their ex-bassist Todd knows too! He's doing their MySpace page but there's not much more info than here. They existed from 1991-93 and when they disbanded the members teamed up with the leftovers from two more legendary Portland anarcho punk bands Deprived and Resist and formed the mighty Defiance that made THE punk album of the 90s.
The drumming style (beating the snare twice) reminds me of an short-lived band of mine with Vice (formerly of Apatridi) drumming.
This LP was relased by now defunct Allied Recordings run by John Yates who also run Stealworks which did numerous covers for hardcore punk releases (Alternative Tentacles releases were my first contact with his work), books and what not. Produced by Slayer Hippy of Poison Idea fame.
Intro is not on the LP tracklist, but I've split it into a separate song.

Released: 1992
Label: Allied Recordings
Size: 76 MB

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01. Intro
02. Welcome To Amerikkka
03. We Don't Want
04. Boycott
05. The Ignorant
06. Haven't You Been Deceived
07. Revolution
08. Conmen
09. Freedom For A Price
10. Police
11. It's Not Enough
12. No Need For Cruelty
13. Segregation
14. The Symbolic Farce



Todd Alexander said...

Cool!. Yup there was only 2 7EP's and 1 LP.

thanks for postin'.


patates roties said...

I like almost everything on Allied,nice to see some there,thanks!(I have just discovered this kind of blog on the net where there is a lot of mp3 to download.It's just fantastic!!I have at last access to wonderful rare records.I am like a child in a toys shop).Carry on