Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Riot/Clone "Do You Want Fries With That?" LP

Riot/Clone were anarcho punk band that started playing in 1979, then disbanded few years later, reformed in 90s and split up again few years back when the original singer moved to USA. The rest of the band carries on as Refuse/All. I've never had anything else by this band, but I've came across a review that says that this album is their best effort and I'll believe that. This record is entirely dedicated to animal liberation and it kicks the butcher ass. It starts with the dub track with animals on vocals (yes, that's right) and ends the same way too. Just read the titles of the first and last song. The album rages from the beginning 'till the end altogether with spoken word tracks and it also has some catchy tunes too. I'm singing Hillgrove for three days now. You'll find some of the best animal liberation songs ever here.
You can find more info on both Riot/Clone and Refuse/All here.

Released: 2000
Label: Tribal War Records
Size: 88 MB

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01. Let The Animals Speak...
02. Stop The Slaughter
03. For What?
04. Cannibals Of The Western World
05. Ode To Johnny
06. Dapple Rose
07. Rhyming Cutlets
08. Hillgrove
09. Oi Mush, No!
10. Tales From The Riverbank
11. Twats' Entertainment
12. Fast Food World
13. Skippy Goes To Sainsburys
14. One Struggle, One Fight
15. ...Then Reflect On Humanity's Guilt


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Jens said...

Thanks a ton, have been looking for this record for ages :)