Saturday, March 22, 2008

Headache/Recusant split 7"

And now for something completely different...
These two punk bands are really something else. Both bands provide their crazy versions of manic (jazzy?) punk and while I don't know much about Recusant (as I can remember from the days when this was new they were connected to France somehow or am I wrong again?) I was lucky enough to watch Headache in Slovenia (that gig was out on CD-R as 33rd Flat Earth release) and that gig is surely among top 20 gigs of my life.
Manic genious musical insanity that is still fresh to me as it was when I first heard it. I suck in describing music, so you can check it out in the player.
Headache have discography CD out on Life Is Abuse records. Buy it.

Released: 1994
Label: Flat Earth Recs
Size: 30 MB

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01. Headache - Sarcastic Unity Song
02. Headache - Heritage From The Past
03. Headache - Drop Dead
04. Headache - Shit
05. Recusant - Caged
05. Recusant - Fuck The Criminal Justice Bill

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