Friday, March 14, 2008

So Much Hate "Your Choice Live Series"

Third release by this Norwegian legends. First one of "Your Choice Live Series" records. Recorded 9/9/1988 live at the "Oberhaus" / Alzey.

Released: 1988
Label: Your Choice Records
Size: 55 MB

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01. Intro
02. Poor Little Macho
03. Trapped
04. Skyggesiden
05. Sound From The Heart
06. You
07. Think Before We Act
08. Wake Up
09. How We Feel
10. One Step Closer

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convertido said...

Thanks for this post, So Much Hate was always a band that I enjoyed, but could not find here in Texas. Thanks to the recent spate of posts I know have three of their lps. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

Gilberto von Mamerto said...


My name is Gilberto vonMamerto and I work on my blok: Luguria DiY.

Great Band!!! and material, please visit and add the site:


So Much Hate.- How We Feel (1987, Noruega / Norway)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for that post, raging stuff !!! i did not have that live the way, the first LP How we feel has been repressed by the German label Heart first, check out
i think it is still available, it comes with a huge lyric sheet and a booklet with old interviews, definitely worth your money !!!