Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Total Failure "Use Your Head"

This is (was) the band from Kraljevo, Serbia. Heavily influenced by UK punk scene (proof: covers of Chaos U.K., Ripcord and Oi Polloi). Their real name is Totalni Promašaj and all of their songs are in their native language (Chaos U.K. and Ripcord covers too). Their name and tracklist are in english 'cause this was issued in Japan.
They toured Slovenia with my friends Bad Justice from Požega, Croatia in 1996 as part of "Over The Walls Of Nationalism And War" (see previous post) project and that was the first tour of two bands from these countries that were at war until one year ago (then, not now). I was happy to be with them on tour and I remember having a very good time even though 3/4 of the band were straight edge and everyone else more or less dead drunk/stoned. I especially remember when a friend of mine fell asleep in one of the big speakers on stage while Forca Macabra were playing. That was a keeper.
I don't have the original CD and the cover is (badly) photocopied. The original CD was in 7" cover.
By the way, their drummer was around 13 or 14 years old when they recorded this!

Released: 1995
Label: HG Fact
Size: 99 MB

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01. Man From The Street (Chaos U.K. cover)
02. Sold Souls
03. Today
04. Front Line
05. Intro
06. Waiting For Tomorrow
07. Noone And Nothing
08. Spite
09. Useless Death
10. Election Campaign
11. Nonsense
12. Fuck Off
13. Mascot (Ripcord cover)
14. Tam-Tam-Tam
15. I Don't Give Them Anything
16. For Better World
17. 12 O'Clock
18. That's All For My Benefit ?!
19. Drug-Why
20. Hands Off Yugoslavia (Oi Polloi cover)
21. Shadow



irishdave said...

re-upped Disorder and Stalingrad for you at SCHF!

Bojan Boskovic said...

Bravo Malisha...veliki pozdrav od Bojana (gitara)...