Monday, March 24, 2008

Eluj "Eva Ti Mi Pomažeš Više Nego Bog "

Every country has few cities that produce tons of great bands. For Croatia, Pula is one of them and surely is my personal favourite.
That is where this band comes from. If you're not Croatian you're probably wondering why is this guy's picture instead of the album cover.
First of all this is web only release from Monte Paradiso Netlabel, and second - this is one man band since Jule, the man from the photo, (band name is his name backwards) recorded everything by himself.
Monte Paradiso Netlabel is a part of Pula's Monte Paradiso collective and they make Monte Paradiso hardcore punk festival for more than 15 years. They also run an autonomous cultural center and have released a lot of stuff from bands from pula and Netlabel is just next step where you can download out of print and never to be physically released stuff for free. Check it out.
And Jule is person cursed with inability to make bad music. This stuff was never recorded by his former band
Anti-Otpad (who are my all-time favourite Croatian hcpunk) so he did it himself. After the break-up of Anti-Otpad he played in punk rockin' machine called Barrakuda and now is destroying our ears in grindcore monster called Bolesno Grinje (which is half Anti-Otpad BTW). Be sure to check them out. They have four albums released in Mexico and USA, one split LP released by Croatian label and them and an EP on Netlabel. Pure dirty oldschool grindcore as it is meant to be.
Here you can see Eluj video (that is cut off in the end for some strange reason). There's some Bolesno Grinje videos too on their site.

Released: 2001
Label: Monte Paradiso Netlabel
Size: 41 MB

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01. Eva
02. Češka Policija
03. Gejn Po Ušima
04. Esperando Liberta
05. Mlad
06. Ja Sam Konj
07. Vječni Vakancij
08. Slobodan-Živ
09. Problemi
10. Merda
11. Dan Za Promjene
12. OK
13. Rokajte Pank
14. Novac U Puli
15. Prava Stvar
16. 7 Minuta

download here or here


irishdave said...

Thanks for the info about the net lable - very cool. I must check out what's on offer after I get this (Eluj)listened to.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

my girlfriend´s parents have a ship in pula - now I finally have a reason to go there! as of today a visit of pula is on my to do list!

Malisha Old 666 said...

If you're coming to Pula, try to come during the first weekend in august 'cause that's when Monte Paradiso is held every year.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

my girlfriend is not to happy about the idea of going to pula in august as it´s to hot! she says sleeping on the boat is no fun in august! but that discussion is not over yet! :-)