Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slow downloads

It's been more than a week now that I have problems with ADrive that I use to upload my files. The downloads are now sooo slow that it takes a lot of nerves to wait for download to finish. Also I can no longer see if the stuff has been downloaded or not since the statistics are fucked too, so the comments are much appreciated. Anyway I'll see what happens in next week or so. I'd hate to change the upload site as this one was like a dream come true with no limits whatsoever and 50 GB of storage (until it goes Div$hare on us).
Be patient.


irishdave said...

I think you be hard pressed to find a better host - if only it wasn't so slow I think it would be brilliant. Having said that- I'll stick with 4shared for now

Lo-Res Viscera said...

I've tried quite a few of them, DivShare deleted all my files, and they wouldn't answer my inquiries as to why when a million others were/are doing the same thing as you or I were.
I have found that mediafire is still the best - I recommend NOT opening an account, but just uploading your file there. Things seem to last longer there if you don't care that much about D/L stats.

good luck!

Malisha Old 666 said...

Thanx for the suggestions.
For now, I'll upload next few posts both on ADrive and Mediafire as I've googled out, it should suit me best. If everything fixes on ADrive I'll countinue to upload just there.

7inchcrust said...

Malisha you got to rename the zip/rar
file in a way that do not show a record. another solution is to put a pass in zip/rar.
and as for the host matter, i have no problem with 4shared, divshare is ok but since you have a few GB's uploaded you will reach easily the traffic limit of 50GB per month, lo-res viscera case of deleting files is weird,...

Malisha Old 666 said...

Sorry 7inchcrust, but I don't get it.
You say that renaming rars from "THIS BAND - This Album" to "jdgfasfg" could solve dl speed problem? Is it some anti-piracy precaution thing from file sharing sites? I've never heard of something like this.

7inchcrust said...

hey, i didn't speak about dnld speed but for deleted files: some hosts scan from time to time the uploaded stuff and if there 's a word like "sex" "porn" etc the file will be deleted. (4shared does this for sure:Aus Rotten's 7" was deleted because of the record's title a few seconds after i upload it for first time)

download speed has only to do with the bandwidth of host

Malisha Old 666 said...

That makes sense. I was a bit like WTF?!
It's just that I only had dl speed problem and not files being deleted so I was confused.
Anyway, thanx for the heads-up for the naming thing. I'll name rars different from now on just in case.
Better safe than sorry.
Thanx again.