Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rövsvett/Raped Teenagers split 7"

Two Swedish hardcore bands. Rövsvett play since early 80s and they're still active. Their stuff is more classic hardcore punk that's not too impressive to me while Raped Teenagers play their unusual crazy version of hardcore with thousands of rhythm and pace changes in the songs.
While in high school I was really obsessed with this band trying to make everybody to like them. I guess this post is just continuing of that. And where is that discography that was supposed to be out on 625 thrashcore???
Info on Rövsvett in English and Swedish. Raped Teenagers' KFTH page here.

Released: 1989
Label: Chickenbrain Records
Size: 21 MB

01. Rövsvett - Den Vi Körde Nyss
02. Rövsvett - Solhjul
03. Raped Teenagers - Allting Är Ett Skratt I Ditt Ansikte
04. Raped Teenagers - Bossefors

download here or here


James said...

Thanks! I've really liked both of these bands for years (I'm an old fart) so it's nice to hear these tunes again. Makes for great driving music on my morning commute!!

Slobodan Burgher said...

This is like THE most symbolic record of me being a 16 year old punk, lol - actually it;s just what I need tonight, thanks!