Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VA - Preko Zidova Nacionalizama I Rata 7"

This 7" (english title "Over The Walls Of Nationalism And War") came out one year after the war in ex-Yugoslavia ended. There are 2 bands from Macedonia (Brigade O.D. and Überzeitung), Serbia (Totalni Promašaj and Hoću?Neću!) and Croatia (Nula and Bijes Zdravog Razuma) and Wasserdicht from Slovenia. More info in the text from the record:
Project "Over the Walls of Nationalism and War" is a compilation 7", which presents 7 bands from the area of ex-Yugoslavia. This whole project is thought of as some kind of a communication between the people of good will, and as a proof that, despite the newcame situation, where mutual intolerance rules, dialogue isn't only possible, but also necessary. Regarding that, this record brings a very strong anti-war message, and wants to speed up the peace process over here, peace process which can found solid ground only if tolerance and peace win over the present atmosphere. This effort is proportionally small, just like there are very few people who, like us, do actually take a stand against the war, and defend it with more than just words, but actually practise their declarative stands. But however, it doesn't matter how small and irrelevant this peace of plastic, with noisy and rebellious sounds may seem, it is also a very big step for us. We like to think of it as big because this effort shows that we are here, and that we have the will and the strength to stand up and say "no!", For us, being against the violence, and war is a normal thing, but we can't simply stand by side and watch how those in power rule over other people's lives. We know that our rebellion may seem to some as banging our heads against the wall, but if you look more closely and realize that the only other alternative is to fit in the mob, and become apathic, than you will understand why do we prefer to keep on banging our heads against the walls of stupidity and primitivism. A few words about us. What kind of people are we? Mostly young, who have accidentally found themselves on the wrong place, in the wrong time, on divided sides of an armed conflict. If we had any effect on the society we live in, there would never be any such conflict whatsoever. We believe that nationalism is one of the main reasons why did all this happen, but also that the roots of the crisis reach much further into the spheres of financial, historical, political, culturological and religious problems. Bands from other parts of ex-Yu aren't on this record, but that's not so because there aren't any or because that they didn't want to cooperate, but because their recordings were unreachable at the time. However, we have managed to establish contact with them recently, so watch out for more crazy people banging their heads against the walls of nationalism and war...

Released: 1996
Label: Humanita Nova
Size: 38 MB

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01. Wasserdicht - Moja Prepričanja
02. Totalni Promašaj - Prva Borbena Linija
03. Hoću?Neću! - Halo Efekt
04. Brigade O.D. - New Soldier
05. Nula - Tvoja Doza Mržnje
06. Bijes Zdravog Razuma - Žrtve Rata
07. Überzeitung - Brave New Man



Pera123 said...

Svaka čast ovo tražim 100 godina.

Anonymous said...

"The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly."

Malisha Old 666 said...

I've re-upped the 7''. You can try now.