Friday, March 28, 2008

VA "Idiomes"

I don't have original CD of this, but as I remember this was in cardboard screenprinted cover and I've just photocopied it in black and white. So, the picture of the cover is photoshop coloured after some small picture that I found on the web.
Anyway here's another 90s hardcore compilation that I actually never listened carefully until now, because the Stonehenge Records label put out a lot of emo (and that I didn't like), so basically I burnt it because Stalingrad were on it.
Now i realise that the "most emo" band on this compilation is Man In The Shadow from Slovenia, the guys that I knew at the time and have two of their 7"s in my collection.
The theme of the compilation was something about domination of english language and as you can see it on the cover, all bands are european.

Released: 1998
Label: Stonehenge Records
Size: 102 MB

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01. Manface - Untitled
02. Rubbish Heap - Blok Gestapo
03. Intervenzione - Fabulas De Encantar De Joao Sem Nome
04. Man In The Shadow - Sence Preteklosti
05. By All Means - Cieco
06. By All Means - Fino A Qui Tutto Bene
07. Catweazle - Strijd
08. Degarne - Knäppe
09. D'rotzbouwen - Op Besuch
10. E-150 - Concertacion Social
11. E-150 - Dinero
12. E-150 - Yo Y Yo Misma
13. Radical Noise - Körsün
14. Jean Seberg - Supermarket Hate
15. Stalingrad - Straight Outbroken
16. Brent Barn - Bortresist



irishdave said...

Nice! I was wondering what was the deal with Stonehenge - the ideas behind their comps always seemed cool, but I never heard of any of the bands. Now I have

Anonymous said...

Really really thank you for sharing the Post-Regiment album!!