Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unhinged "Resisting the Murder of Self" 7"

Great band from Liège, Belgium consisting of people that made Nabate Records and Hiatus, punk trademarks of the city.
That alone should be a recommendation enough. Great crusty punk with screaming female vocals.
You can also find their second LP here on Nabate Records blog.

Released: 1993
Label: Nabate/Flat Earth Recs
Size: 26 MB

01. Not Even Death
02. Won't Be My Shelter
03. Vicious Circle
04. Round The Corner

download here or here


James said...

Thanks for posting! Never heard this band before... my loss!

Nečista Savjest said...

ako ovo nije spam ili ipak možda uspaljena japanka!!! :P

Malisha Old 666 said...

Spamčina najgora. Kopipejstaj u "gugl trenzlejt" sa kineskog i vidit ćeš kaj je. Linkove nisam ni probao klikati.