Wednesday, November 25, 2009

B-day post

There it is. Today is two years since I started this blog and I cannot believe that it's still here. It seems that everything I start to do keeps my attention for just a couple of months (at best). As more frequent visitors (if there are still any) may notice, uploads have become fewer, but that's better than nothing I guess.
Anyway, to sum up those two years in short, I've put here the links for 10 most downloaded records in descending order. This order may not be totally correct since I was uploading my files before on two sites which have proven to be utter pile and caused nothing but problems. I guess that Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys "Shut Up And Drink" LP would be on top as most downloaded (especially since there's link to the post on their MySpace), but the stats from these sites are gone forever.
Also I've re-upped all the rest of old posts with dead links since there are some of my faves there and people are always hungry for more. If you find that I've missed re-upping some post please let me know.
OK, here's the Top 10 Röckin' Nöizes:

Antisect "In Darkness, There Is No Choice"
Kuro "Who The Helpless" 7"
G.I.S.M. "Bootleg Discography"
Patareni "Back To The Roots" LP
Eyehategod "Southern Discomfort"
Pizda Materna "s/t" 12"
Impact "82-85" LP
Dogma Mundista "Destiny Or Greed" LP
The Varukers "Nothings Changed" 7"
Riot/Clone "Do You Want Fries With That?" LP

and here are the Rë-üps:

Siebensünden "En Kula Till Tröst" LP
Pankrti "Dolgcajt"
U.B.R. "Harmonija (1983-85)"
Sacrilege "Behind The Realms Of Madness"
The Rocking Dildos "Horny Hit Parade"
The Rocking Dildos "On Speed"
Sedition "End In The Beginning Beginning in The End"
Contropotere "Solo Selvaggi" 7"
Contropotere "Il Seme Della Devianza" LP
Tromatism "Je Ne Veux Plus Avoir Mal" 7"
Maggot Slayer Overdrive "The Angry Buzzing Of A Million Flies" 7"
Inzest "Another Religion..... Another Violence" flexi 7"
A38 s/t 7"
Acid Rain Dance "Melting Resistance" 12"
Dawn Of Liberty "In Honour And Defence Of Mother Earth. To Hurt Her Is To Hurt Us" 7"
Terminus "News From Nowhere" 7"
d'Rotzbouwen "Aspirine" 10"
Stalingrad s/t picture 7"
VA "The Boredom And The Bullshit" 7"
SexA "Pussy In The Sky With Diamonds" 7"
No Choice "Sadist Dream" 7"

Enjoy and see you again in a while.


andrew j said...

happy 2nd birthday man

Malisha Old 666 said...

Thanx, Andrew.

Batguano said...

I'm tardy to the party, but happy birthday! So glad you've kept going, and thanks for keeping your rips up and providing this oh-so-handy index of older posts. Awesome!

Malisha Old 666 said...

Thanks Batguano. I totally get the idea of taking a break from blogging and I'm looking forward to see you back in the saddle. Cheers.

7inchcrust said...

fuck..i came late as usual but wtf lets have some booze! happy birthday and keep up the good work man!

Malisha Old 666 said...