Friday, December 14, 2007

Pankrti "Dolgcajt"

Not so nöizy, but since these guys are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a reunion tour here's a bit of history.
Pankrti were pioneering punk band in ex-Yugoslavia that started things rolling and influenced many to start their own bands. They were formed in 1977 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Their first single "Lepi In Prazni/Lublana Je Bulana" (1978) was the first punk single in ex-Yu (pressed in only 2000 copies). It received great reviews in New Musical Express and Melody Maker. About 200 copies made it to USA and one of it's proud owners is Jello Biafra who considered "Dolgcajt" one of the greatest punk albums in the world. Here is the Wikipedia article about them and here is their first album Dolgcajt.

Released: 1980
Size: 43 MB

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01. Kruha In Iger
02. Pocitnice Na Morju
03. Civili In Vojaki
04. Metka
05. Lepi In Prazni
06. Zelenye Berega Peysazov (Ljubica)
07. Jest Sem Na Liniji
08. Kdo So Ti Ljudje
09. Sedemnajst
10. Totalna Revolucija
11. Pazi, Fant, Ura Zvoni
12. Otroci
13. Racunite Z Nami
14. Podgane Iz Lublane

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