Monday, February 4, 2008

A38 s/t 7"

Another band that I found out about in Arnie zine by Simon Gane, the greatest punk cartoonist ever in my opinion (in the nineties there was nowhere to turn around without seeing his drawings, even in my comics zine "Smack" that I did at the time - thank you Simon).
As I can remember from their interview these drunks are from Bristol too and they called themselves after a road where Ian Stuart (Skrewydriver) died and where's most cider farms in the UK. They also had split LP with Police Bastard the same year as this 7" and that's all I know about them.
This is not political, more Sex Pistols-ish (is that a word?) attitude, but it's chaotic and fun.

Released: 1995
Label: Into The Vortex
Size: 18 MB

01. Georgie
02. All Stacked Up
03. I Hate What You Like
04. What Love Is (The Dead Boys cover)


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