Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Terminus "Into The Flames" 7"

One of the most underrated UK punk bands of all time.
Terminus were anarcho punk band from Scunthorpe. They started in mid 80s and have been around until late 90s (I don't think they exist anymore). Due to a lot of alcohol abuse (as confessed in Bald Cactus zine) they never practiced and gigged too much and had a lot of line-up changes making Mark Richards the only constant member.
Nevertheless they've managed to put out four 7"s and two LPs (that I know of) and contributed numerous benefit compilation tapes.
In 2003 came out "Graveyard Of Dreams" CD, a collection of singles plus The Specials cover "Do Nothing" for a tribute comp. LP that was supposed to be out on Ruptured Ambitions.

Released: 1992
Label: Campary Records
Size: 23 MB

01. Into The Flames
02. Bending The Rules
03. A New Tomorrow


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Chris Wheelie (Ruptured Ambitions) said...

Thanks for giving the two-tone covers compilation a mention. Due to various no-shows with various tracks, the project was shelved. Great pity, as there were some wonderful tracks (Terminus being no exception!). However, as this year sees the 25th Anniversary of Ruptured Ambitions, plans are very much underway to blow the dust of this and give it the full airing it deserves (along with new contributions), including other great stuff from the vaults. Great write-up of Terminus - and completely in agreement with the view of them being on the of the most underrated!