Thursday, February 28, 2008

HHH/Vitu's Dance "Homo Homini Lupus" split LP

Beware! Prepare! Spanish attack!
If I had to take 5 records to a desert island, this would surely be the first pick. I guess this is my favourite record from the 90s.
I remember first hearing it and that was it. I was in love with HHH's fast nobreakbetweensongs metallic hardcore punk. Vitu's Dance also kick ass. Bit more melody, but also very fast.
For HHH's (and related bands) discography go here, for bio you can go here and here. I couldn't find anything about Vitu's Dance except that they were from Vitoria, Basque Country.
If you want more of HHH go here.

The cover picture shows hideous
1919 lynch in Omaha, Nebraska.

Released: 1991
Label: Fobia-Duros Sentimientos
Size: 97 MB

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01. HHH - Intro (Flatus Vocis)
02. HHH - Ministero De Injusticia
03. HHH - Vida
04. HHH - Borracho
05. HHH - Esperanza Viva
06. HHH - Secuestro De La Verdad
07. HHH - Entrañas De La Patria
08. HHH - Prision Confortable
09. HHH - Jodida Actitud Normal
10. HHH - Caridad Prescindible
11. HHH - Solo Palabras
12. HHH - Cami Ral
13. HHH - El Heavy No Es Violencia
14. Vitu's Dance - Intro/Despertar
15. Vitu's Dance - Dos Mentes-Un Mundo
16. Vitu's Dance - Street
17. Vitu's Dance - A La Caza De Brujas
18. Vitu's Dance - Mi Generacion
19. Vitu's Dance - Uh??
20. Vitu's Dance - Cualquier Dia... Cualquier Dia
21. Vitu's Dance - Pasion
22. Vitu's Dance - Johny Juergas
23. Vitu's Dance - Esto Es Lo Que Quiero Que Veas
24. Vitu's Dance - Diles Que Se Vayan
25. Vitu's Dance - Ante La Ley



Anonymous said...

it´s down. i have this vinyl too, but not on mp3. is there a change to upload it to mediafire?

Malisha Old 666 said...


uhpjose said...

i also loved this vinyl, i bough in 91 o so, on a squat near my village.... after i heard it, nothing was the same...

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yeah, I know. This record does that to people.