Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hibernation "Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow"

Haven't found this release on Skuld website, but Power It Up MySpace page says it's sold out, so I guess it's OK to post this.
This album is another masterpiece from these Greek gods of crust. Again powerful dark crust, now with added excellent female singer and synth. Can't help it, but each time I play this it always stucks in the player for two or three listens. 10 out of 10 Röckin' Nöiz points.
As a bonus on this CD is their "Loneliness" 7" from 2000.
You can still find this excellent release on various distros worldwide. It's well worth the money.
Here you can find English translations for all the songs from this release.

Released: 2003
Label: Power It Up/Skuld Releases
Size: 88 MB

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01. Intro
02. I Fotia Tis Zois (The Fire Of Life)
03. Efialtes (Nightmares)
04. Niose Ti Dynami Sou (Feel Your Power)
05. Aionios Kyklos (Eternal Cycle)
06. Sti Siopi Tis Aionias Thlipsis (Into The Slience Of Eternal Sorrow)
07. Heimeria Narki (Hibernation)
08. Idio Telos (Identical Ending)
09. Horis Ilio (Without A Sun)
10. Ypokrinesai (You Pretend)
11. Fevgo (I'm Leaving)
12. To Minyma Toy Anemou (The Message Of The Wind)
13. Yalini Mitropoli (Metropolis Of Glass)
14. Syntrimia (Wrecks)


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7inchcrust said...

Hibernation was formed by Alex(vox/guitar)after Chaotic End disbanded. Alex was in Forgotten Prophecy while Chaotic End were still active. Nowadays Alex runs Last Scream distro and a few years ago Hibernation members issued the Hibernation zine (3 issues were pressed).some personal difficulties(family life, children,etc)kept them inactive for a few years but in last
autumn they were back in action sharing the stage w Born Dead and Oi Polloi .

thanks for this rip, and for the Forgotten Prophecy/Mushroom Attack and the Hibernation ep as well.(i have a better rip of both Hibernation ep's but i m a lazy scum to re up an old post(maybe i ll repost the ep's one day..)
Hibernation recorded a demo tape before the st ep.Last Scream still has some copies of the lp,there is no problem for posting it here since the tracks are available from greek punk servers)