Thursday, February 21, 2008

VA "The Boredom And The Bullshit" 7"

This compilation presents UK hardcore scene of mid 90s.
This was supposed to be 10", but due to a lot of fuck-ups and bands splitting the project was shaved off by 3"s.
See the tracklist and decide if you'll like it. I know I do.
This is the booklet cover. The outer cover was a paperbag with stamped name and a sticker with band names.
In the player is Voorhees song from the comp.

Released: 1995
Label: Refusenik
Size: 33 MB

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01. Kitchener - Prefabricated
02. One By One - An Alternative To What?
03. Pig Pile - Hapiness Is Fools Gold In A World Of No Emotion
04. Marker - Time To Burn
05. Marker - Do What You Want
06. Manfat - Wound
07. State Of Filth - Take It Back
08. Headache - Hate
09. Voorhees - What I'd Do
10. Stalingrad - Human Byproduct
11. Nerves - Caught Out Again



irishdave said...

Whoohoo! Thanks for this - I haven't heard Kitchener since some toe-rag half inched my copy of their ep a lifetime ago
BTW - I linked to your blog from SCHF

Malisha Old 666 said...

Thanx for linkin' me. If you want I can put the Kitchener 7" up too. Cheers

irishdave said...

That would be super! Thanks