Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Acid Rain Dance "Melting Resistance" 12"

Excellent German metallic hardcore punk. Lots of breaks and changes in the course of songs. Great music here. Luv this. Skuld 008.

Released: 1993
Label: Skuld Releases
Size: 48 MB

01. Intro/Club
02. Don't Ya
03. No. 11
04. Pro Kopf
05. Starrheit



Anonymous said...

They came from Bremen. before this they released also an ep.

whispered into existence said...

Thanks for this, I hadn never heard the LP either. By the way, I got a ton of question regarding '90s ex-yugoslavian bands - can i get in touch w/ you somehow?

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yes, of course. I'll help in any way I can. I would post some of that stuff if I could rip music from the tapes ('cause about 90% was out on tapes) with good results, but my computer doesn't have good sound card.
You can ask what you want here or on my mail (malisha_old666@yahoo.com), but I don't check it too often.
In the meantime you can check Monte Paradiso Netlabel (for bands from Pula which is my fave croatian town for punk), Corpus Delicti (for 80s ex-Yu bands) and Audio Heaven (for tons of everything). All links are on the right side of the page.